May 29, 2006

BYB Banners

Here are some of the banners that have been created for Blog Your Blessings Sunday in the past. You are free to use any or all of them, as suits you or your blog. If you want a banner in a different size or color, leave a comment and I will try to make one of that size or color. I am not a professional at this, so some of the banners might seem a little amateurish. If you want to create a banner (or have already created one, but it is not posted here), and you want it to be posted below, just leave a comment, and I will add it here.

(This was the first ever banner that we used for BYB. Not bad for a first time...wouldn't you agree)

(Banner created & submitted by Stev)

(125 X125)


Lucky Lady said...

Thank you so much I will pick one I missed last sunday but I love byb thanks again

Paulie said...

At first the original one didn't show up and I had to go back and look because I knew mine was different than all those posted below. When I came back, it appeared right there at the top! I still like it the best and will continue to use it.

Whatever said...

Schweeeet. It is
missing the BYBS banner that I've been using for a while
, but I'm pretty sure I, erm, appropriated it from you, so feel free to grab it for here if you like.

storyteller said...

These are all very cool and handy to have all in one place ... so thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,

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