June 19, 2006

Football and other sports....

The Football World cup, 2006 has been called the greatest sports event of the decade in various quarters. The event has been discussed in media, blogs, forums and private discussions alike. So, this blog that aims to have a universal appeal cannot be left untouched by the frenzy that is World Cup Football,2006.

I am no football expert so I will not try to analyse the games or any teams. There are so many people doing that already--both professional and amateurs. You cannot click on any major site and not find something about the world cup. What I am going to talk about is why is this event so poular?

The Hockey world cup is a few days from now and as a game hockey is very similar to Football. But no one is really paying attention. The World Cup cricket is also on the cards and though the countries playing the game are very enthusiastic about it, it doesnt seem to cause any stir in the non playing nations. Football on the other hand is being watched in most countries irrespective of whether they have a team playing in the Cup.

The most important reason for the popularity of the game, according to me, is the large number of countries that actually play it. How many other sports can boast of a World Cup that has 32 participating teams. There are about 200 countries in the world (I think), so this sports event has 16 % of the world actually being represented there. Then there are many other countries, waiting in the flanks, almost ready to qualify for the finals of the World cup. So, the fact that a large number of countries are playing the game and hope to make it in the world stage is an important factor in making this game popular. Compare this with the Cricket world cup, which has only about ten palying nations and a couple more waiting in the ranks to make make it to teh World Cup.

The quality of the teams is a major issue too.In cricket the difference between the top seven teams and the next five or ten is too wide to be bridged any time soon. So the fans, responsible for making a game popular, can not find it in them to support a cause that is doomed to fail. Same goes for hockey. In football, there is always a possibility of teams who are playing for the first time in the Cup to make major upsets. The performance of some African team and Asian ones is proof of that.

The pace of football as a game is fast and pretty even. The rules of the games are easy to understand. The game is neither too hard nor too soft. The duration of a match is just enough to keep the viewer interested in it till the end.

For now these are the reasons I can think of. But I am sure there are many others that I am missing. You can leave a comment and tell me what's your reason for liking or not liking the game.


Jerine said...

I enjoy your blog a lot...

SunKingpoet said...

Football? Do you mean soccer?

I kid. I kid! Don't kill me.

Great post.

pushkala said...

well..its the pace that keeps ppl glued!

Atlanticist said...

Ah, it doesn't matter that your soccer team isn't the best. You don't have to win everything.

What counts is that soccer has become increasingly popular in the US, .

And that tons of Americans travelled to Germany and have a great time partying.

hseldon said...

I like the new theme, the posting, and the blue panther...goode job by you.

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