July 1, 2006

Simple Life!!!!

From the day life originated, in the form, as we know it today, people have been trying to find answers to some very basic questions like: why are we here? Why we? Where have we come from and where we will go?

The answers to these questions have been many. Different religions, sects and creed have answered these questions, sometimes even contradicting each other. These beliefs and notions themselves have caused a lot of strife and war.

It is said that when two people are thinking, they will find something to disagree about. So, does that mean that there are no universal answers to these universal questions? If that is true then why are the problems universal. Why are we able to relate to something that we read in a text that was written in a very different age and place? Different people living in different parts of the world are facing the same basic problem. These problems can be as basic as food, clothing and shelter or they can be as complex as the needs for self actualization-the need for a person to be the best he can be.

There has to be a universal answer to all the questions that plague us who belong to different societies. Even scientists have been working on TOE (Theory of Everything) to explain almost everything. Is it an attempt at simplifying things or are we trying to reach beyond ourselves?

Human beings are hard wired to be dissatisfied. What we get from life is never enough. We can always see the next step in the ladder and this ladder is never ending. It only ends when we end.

I had once an experience that I like to believe was a near death experience. I was in an orchard pruning some apple trees. There was this one tree that was about fifteen feet tall and I had to cut off the main shoot at the tip. It was a young tree and it’s branches were not strong enough to hold my 170 pound weight. But somehow I managed to climb on this lower most branch, which seemed to be strong enough. From there I tried to reach up and cut the shoot from where it had to be cut. In overreaching I fell out of the tree and landed on the ground.

For some strange reason I didn’t want to give up and climbed back again, only to fall down once again. Now this was something that I had to absolutely do so up I went again. This time when I fell my head hit a rock and I fainted. When I woke up I saw my dad and my brother looking down at my face.

Now what did I go through when I was blacked out. I felt like I was in a race and was leading the pack and I felt I was being egged on to win that race. Just at the end I was beat to the second place and I had a vision of all people that matter in my life shouting at me and telling me how disappointed they were in me. This was the shock that made me get out of my unconscious state. I think if I had won that race I would never have woken up again.


pushkala said...

such icidents give us a crude shock as to how previosu our life is!
may be we shld grow up accept the beauty of a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

hey welcome back!!!!! n njoy d beautiful life...

Avi said...

I dont' know if there is an afterlife, i even don't know if there is rebirth.....all i know is that the present life is what we have and what we should strive to make and live better.
The ever so intriguing question "Who are we and Why are we here ?????" I think there is an answer which atleast I believe in.
"We are not alone. We can't be. Where we are from, and where we will go, is really not important, as long as we know what we are and where we are and what we are doing."
What we ought to do is stop doing acts which hurt others. We ought to respect others. We are humans (why I know not, coz mostly we act like animals) and we better start acting like one

Jane Lake said...

Maybe you are destined for something bigger, like a Sequoia.

Jayashree Bhat said...
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Jayashree Bhat said...

beautiful template.

durante vita said...

What you saw when you blacked out is so much like the reality of many.

I like it.

Anonymous said...

hey when is ur next blog????????

debambam said...

Life is given and taken so quickly, I look at my daughter sometimes and I get so frightened at the idea of something happening to me and then I'll miss her...I try and enjoy every day..

Anthony said...

Great post. Humans are never satisfied, its true. http://anthonylemons.blogspot.com

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