September 18, 2006

Birthday - Just another day of the year!!!

There comes a day in everyone’s life, when he or she is born. From that day onwards begins a nice, little journey called life, which is sweet sometimes and sour at others. But, that day goes down in the record books as your birthday.

Year after year, this day comes in a person’s life and year after year he or she is reminded that he or she has existed on this planet for one more year, but the importance and the way this day is perceived by the person, whose birthday it is, changes, every few years or so.

For the first few years, the poor kid is not even aware of what is happening. Why all of a sudden, one day, he is dressed in new clothes, allowed to do whatever he wants and treated nicely in general. He doesn’t realize the importance of this day, but doesn’t mind the attention and enjoys the day.

Then, a few years later, he starts to remember the date of his birthday, knows he is going to get many gifts and a lot of love and freedom, a chance to distribute candy at school and eat cake, so he waits for the day with great anticipation and when the day comes has a good time all through the day.

Then comes teenage, every birthday means more rights, so as soon as one birthday is over, one begins to think about the next birthday and the things they will do on their next birthday. Of course, those things have to be one step further from what they did on this birthday. This stage of life continues till one reaches the age of about 18 or 21.

After that comes a state of indifference. It’s the Birthday…so what? Is it different from any other day? No. But yes, one notices the people who remembered the day and those who did not. After all if a person cares about you, it wouldn’t hurt him or her to remember you on your birthday and send a card, an e-card or at least an sms.

Last comes the stage when every impending birthday is looked forward to with a little trepidation, because every passing year seems like one year lesser to live, one wrinkle more, one number added to your age which is already a large figure by now.

This, I figure, is the last stage in the cycle of birth dates and every person goes through these stages, though some might skip a stage or stay stuck on one stage more than any other.


Croaker said...

Amen, my friend

Dee said...

Happy Birthday! May you have many more!


PoetX said...

Well it's my birthday today too. I guess I'm stuck on the 2nd to last stage right now, waiting to see who cares enough and who doesn't. I'm not expecting much if truth be told!

Hope you have a great day anyway!

Jayashree Bhat said...

happy Birthday!
that was a great article... very true...

Bluepanther said...

Oh! This post has caused a big misunderstanding. It's NOT my birthday.

@ Croaker: :)

@ Dee: Thank you for the Birth day wishes, though its still some time before the big day.

@ PoetX: Happy Birthday to you!!!
Hope you stay in the 2nd to last stage, because however bad it might be, its better than the last stage ;).

@ Jayashree: Thanks for the wishes and liking the post.

Noi Rocker said...

Yah.. I really thought it was your birthday. Haha. Anyway I stop celebrating my brithday years ago until someone told me to go ahead and celebrate not your birthday, but yoru accomplishments for the past year.

Age is just a number.

Jayashree Bhat said...

oh, i thought some of the above comments were from people u knew and hence i assumed it was ur bday.

Sunil said...

I celiberate B'day for having survived one more happy year..:)

Beth said...

Happy birthday! I stopped counting mine at 29.

Beth said...

Ok forget the happy birthday. I just read where you said it wasn't your birthday. Maybe I should tell people it's mine so I can get more comments.

Bluepanther said...

@ Noi Rocker: Age is truly just a number, but sometimes this number becomes important in life. But its true, a birth day should be used to celebrate the accomplishments of your past year.

@ Jayashree: Its ok. You can wish me on any day of the year and I will be glad to accept your wishes.

@ sunil: If it was a happy year then why did you just survive.:).

@ Beth: Thanks and yea this did get me a lot of comments, so you could try it.

Evolution of gina said...

I'll have to come back and really respond to this when I have eyes that can actually see what I'm typing.

I just wanted to let you know that I didn't accept your bid, but I did put your link on a post. I hope you consider bidding for my square in the future.


Hiren said...

Going by logic, birthdays need not be celebrated because only on achieving something, the urge to celebrate arises spontaneously. However its a good excuse to spend sometime together with your friends and relatives. What else is there in life?

jane said...

I'm glad I didn't miss your birthday. You're right, its nice to be remembered on our birthdays. Sometimes cards are the most beautiful gift.

Anonymous said...

It was my birthday today, i think ive always been stuck on the 4th stage...where i didnt want to care about it, didnt expect anything. But when someone treated me well i remembered it forever with appreciation, when someone didnt make an hurt.
If you felt the same, (remember that people treat you how you indirectly ask to be treated, if you dont ask for a great day, you might not get it)
(i came here looking for people who felt the same, please reply tell me about yours)

Yours truly
the 21/june

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