September 10, 2006

Fifty - Not Just Another Post.

One of my shortcomings, among many others, is my inability to remember dates. More than once, I have been found guilty of forgetting an important birthday, an anniversary or something. The worst incident of this kind was when I forgot a friends birthday. He called me five times that day, and I never even got a hint of what was up. Finally, exasperated, he told me, himself, that it was his birthday. I could'nt have cut a sorrier figure.

So, it did not come as as a surprise to me when I realised that I had missed another important Birthday. My Blog's birthday. Poor thing couldn't even complain. It was when I was getting ready for this new post that something caught my attention. In one corner it read: 49 Posts. So Readers , friends and countrymen ( Pardon the exuberance...trying to make up for the forgotten birthday) this is the fiftieth post and it is going to be centred around the blog.

To begin, here is the first passage that was ever written on this blog:

Life always tries to teach you something. Every moment is a moment to learn something. Something that can help you do better at your chosen line of work or something that can help you live your life better.this blog is about two kids --one about 14 and the other about 12 years of age

Then these are these two posts that I am biased towards, just a bit. Though as a mother cant choose a favorite among her children, a Blogger can hardly choose a favorite among his posts. To him all his posts are best.

Why I dont get April Fooled?

Brutus and Sally.

Thats the past. I think, fifty posts in more than a year is not something to be very proud of. The pace on this blog has been slow. It needs to be speedied up a bit but who knows what the future holds? One can only wait and watch.

For those who would want to know, the blog was born in the month of may. The date...err...I forgot again.


jane said...

Oh Neo, you're so cute. ;)
Is the blog really about 2 kids? I never knew that.
About the memory thing, I think its just a deficiency that men naturally have. Find some sort of date reminder on your computer or something like that.
Your love for your blog is darling.

Bluepanther said...

@Jane : Thanks!!
But the blog is not about two kids. It was that particular post that I was referring to in the passage.But, being new to blogging, back then, I did not know the difference between a blog and a post.

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