September 25, 2006

On a Lighter note...

This blog does not get a lot of hits via search engines. I would love to get a few more hits through the search engines but then I realise that I dont have a lot of information to give out, so I dont want some hapless person, desperately in need of some imprtant information reaching my blog, and ending up hating it, forever.

Some people who ended up here must have been very disappointed when they reached here, when in fact they were looking for :

"blue panther" endless

blue panther lovers

endless blue panther

and this one takes the cake : please make me a blue panther

There were other disppointed searchers, but my sincerest apologies to the ones who tried the above keywords. And a request : if you find a way to become a Blue Panther, do tell me, after all, I am the Original Blue Panther.


911 Bill of Rights said...

Blue Panther, you can get better search engine response by adding more "metatags."
Write me here

Good luck, Dennis

Manic said...

Poor blue panter. All I can say, is try to get your pagerank up by getting much links to your site. But you're a newsblogger, you have a hard time for getting the exclusives.

Gabriela said...

Your post made me laugh, especially the "please make me a blue panther". I don't know if that person found the answer but maybe I should try searching for "please make me a care bear". After all, Google is powerful. =)


Jess said...

I really was disappointed. I wanted so much to find blue panther lovers!

MsDemmie said...

I heard gratuitous mentions of strip poker are good for the search engines.

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