October 17, 2006

Blog your Blessings: An update!!!

Ok!! So we had the first Blog your Blessings Sunday, and we had a few bloggers participating. CyberCelt, MSdemmie, Stev, Beth, Allblogstars were some of the bloggers that participated. If there were others, I am sorry that I missed them. But a start is made, and, well begun, they say, is half done.

To make it easier, I have tried to attempt something that would make it easier to keep a track of who is participating in the ByB Sundays. A button in my sidebar links to a permanent post with updates on ByB and a Blogroll has also been started and the code for it can be found on that page or here.


stev said...

neato =)

good effort put in & the list looks right so far (except for more participants ;)

o/t: linked 2 ur blog

Hiren said...

Good initiative.

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