October 29, 2006

BYB(3) : My father!

In my previous two posts, I have related the story of Raj and how he survived a leopard attack.

That Raj(name changed) was a character based on my father. It is a day for which I will always be thankful to God , as long as I am alive. Here's the picture of my dad with the leopard. My dad is the one in the white shirt.

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CyberCelt said...

I do not know what is happening to blogger, but I had to take the blogrolls completely off my page or the blog would not allow a post.

My blessing is here. Perhaps mine should have been Blessings on the Blogger :=)

Have a wonderful Sunday.

bozette said...

Happy C&C Monday. Have a great Week.

Whatever said...

Okay, so this isn't Sunday, but I'm too lazy to wait till then and
this was too long to be a comment.

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