October 11, 2006

Pain and Fear

Pain and Fear, though two different words, have much in common. Pain, in fact is the root of all fear. A child is fearless to begin with, but after the first fall, the first touch of a heated object, he learns to be afraid and be more careful in the future. The more pain a thing inflicts on someone, the more afraid he is of that thing.

In some ways pain is good. Its God's way of telling you when something is wrong. If it was not for pain, then one might have a deep wound but never realise its severity and it may be the cause of one's death. So pain tells you to take some remedial action, before the condition deteriorates.

Some people manage pain well, and they are the brave ones. Pain doesnt necessarily have to be of the body, it can be of the mind. The pain of bearing a near one's loss and the resultant fear of losing him might make you love someone even more than what you would have otherwise done.

So, to manage your fears, you have to learn to manage pain and deal with it. Where on one hand just to totally ignore it would be quixotic, to let it take hold of your life would be simply foolish.


stev said...

agreed that pain is good

and the 'mental' sort of pain or anguish is often the one with the most lasting yet unseen impact

o/t: quixotic - i like that word ;)

CyberCelt said...

Fear of pain has stopped more people from doing many things.

Thank you for renting from me. I have posted an introduction for your blog. I hope you like it.

Evolution of gina said...

OOOOOOHHHHHH how true is that! I think I want to quote you on my blog! How profound!

I just wanted to let you know that, though I did not accept your bid, I do have you on a post as a consolation prize. Please reconsider bidding in the future--recent repeat bidders get first dibs!

new illuminati said...

Concordance - and fear and pain are a feedback cycle that can be arrested by learning to manage either - then both.

Noi Rocker said...

i totally agree with ya! FEAR actually stands for false evidence appearing real.

Noi Rocker said...

i totally agree with this post. Actually FEAR stands for false evidence appearing real.

danette said...

Very very true...

Its a bit sad to think so much of our lives are dictated by fear. Fear of pain.

BlogMad hit btw :)

Bluepanther said...

@ stev: true, physical pain is soon got over and forgotten, it is the "mental" sort of pain that lingers on in the subconscious.

@ cybercelt: yes it has and that is why when we have and idea we shoudl just go ahead and try it out and not let fear of failure stop us.

@ Gina: You can quote me if you want. As for the renting part, I saw the "rent my blog" on many blogs and was just trying to see how it works.

@ newillumanti: true!

@ noirocker : Thats a thought that I did not think.

@ danette : it is indeed sad that fear becomes the dictating factor, in stead of being just another of those things that have to be overcome.

Sunil Parmar said...

Very true sir!!!!
Pain is GOOD.

Whatever said...

"After many years," said the wise man, "I have mastered pain to the point where I can do this!" The wise man jammed a bamboo sliver under his finger nail.

"Glad you did," quipped the fool, "now I know not to!"

Bluepanther said...

@ Sunil: I dont know if Pain is good but it is there for a reason and we have to make the best of it. Call it a necessary evil, if at all.

@ Whatever : Ignorance is bliss and fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Sunil Parmar said...

That's very right!!!
But you know we can't define happiness if there is no Pain...Coz everything in this universe is relative. Say we only feel a hot day hot if we know that there exists coldness also...So Happiness is incomplete without Pain..!!!

This time also i got the failure mesg but my commnet is displayed.:)

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