November 28, 2006


Dreams, both that we see with open eyes as well as closed, are great things. They inspire us, motivate us and sometimes entertain us. But, I feel that the dreams that we dream with our eyes closed are more important because sometimes they can be a window into our subconscious.

Not every dream that we dream while sleeping falls into this category. Some of them are frivolous thoughts that extend themselves into our sleep, but some of them specially the recurring ones and those that we have when we are sound asleep can be very meaningful.

A dream, that I dream often is about appearing in an exam. It begins with me sitting in the examination hall and being handed the question paper. When I look at the paper, the questions seem pretty easy and I know all the answers. So, I sit back and relax. But, time passes and I haven’t attempted many questions. I begin to sweat and worry, and increase my speed but in vain. Then I realize that however hard I might try I will not be able to finish the paper and I begin to have a nervous breakdown. Sometimes it ends here, with me waking up. At other times, I am given the paper to be solved at home and I gladly accept the offer. But, the next day arrives and I find that I have wasted all my time and its time to hand over the still unfinished paper. This always wakes me up.

It has been a long time that school has been over for me, but this dream still haunts me. I don’t know why. Though, in a way, this dream has almost become a reality for me in NaNoWriMo 2006. With three days to go, I have to work my way through another 20 thousand words. The only difference being that in my dream I am helpless and unable to do much, while in real life somethings are in my control.

Do you have any dreams that recur?


Louie said...

Hey, you should check out my
scary dream!

stev said...

Hmm. Interesting recurring dream due to stress (?) you have there :P

I dont really have recurring dreams. As I usully forget them anyway. But sometimes dreams do take on a lifelike quality and have on a rare occasion somehow been an accurate prediction of the future.

just coincidence i guess

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