December 10, 2006

BYB : Marriages!

Marriages, they say, are made in heaven and only solemnised here on earth. I totally agree with that. Each of us has a person set out, and we find that perosn, sooner or later but always when the time is right, neither sooner nor later. How do you know that this is the person? just do!

Today, one of my friends is getting married and I am very happy for him. I hope he has a very happy and a prosperous married life.

I am not married yet but I do feel that marriages are an important part of life for an individual and the society as a whole. The increasing rate of divorces and separation is a reason for all of us to worry and take stock of the situation. For, great people, great societies and great civilizations are all dependent on one thing-strong families. A happy marriage is the foundation stone of a happy and a strong family.

For some reason today it has become convenient to separate and part ways as the first dark clouds appear on the horizon. But we forget that seasons come and go and the bright sunny morning feels and actually becomes brighter when you are with the person that you have spent the dark, rainy evening with.

I hope that all marriages stay beautiful and last forever, for happy marriages are great blessings indeed.


Invisible Blogger said...

I don't believe in a "fate" type arrangement or meeting of souls as it were.. I do agree wholeheartedly that people today take marriage far too lightly. My daughter was just recently commenting on just that matter. She observed that people change mates like underwear.. they no longer view marriage as a sacred thing. It's true. It's sad.

CyberCelt said...

Well said, my friend. I am on my second marriage. This will be my last. When you are young, it is too easy to say, "Oh, to heck with it," especially if there are no children. I think if we wait until we are older to marry, then things are easier.

My BYB is up:

Have a great week.

Whatever said...

I don't agree that high rates of divorce are a bad thing.

I do agree that when a marriage works it is a wonderful blessing.

Nancyrowina said...

Marriage is in indeed a blessing and not to be taken lightly, I have never been married yet and I'd have to be very sure before I did get married.

Daniela Mann said...

Thanks for sharing just a great post! I do agree with everything you wrote!
God bless you

Kuanyin said...

Oh, the subject of marriage: such a complicated one these days, eh? I've given up trying to understand the reasons of the heart. :-) BYB Kuanyin

Bluepanther said...

invisible blogger: Its very sad.I do hope, though, that people re-discover the value of marriage and family and things change for the better.

Cybercelt: Best wishes for your happy and ever lasting marriage!

whatever: Why dont you agree? I mean I would love to hear your take on it.

nancyrowina: Yes that is a great idea.Better safe than sorry. Wishing and hoping that you find your better half soon!

daniela mann:Thanks!!!

kuanyin: It is complicated no doubt but a subject that each one of us has to study, whether we like it or not. Have agreat week.

Whatever said...

I try to avoid debates in BYB postings – the idea is to celebrate what's good in life :-) Hence I didn't go into a lot of depth with my first comment.

I think that a good marriage requires a lot of work. You have compromise, listen, trust, resist temptation, etc. on behalf of your partner. While it's a wonderful thing when it works, it is hardly surprising that it does not work for everyone.

I do not see high divorce rates as a bad thing because the alternative – trying to make a bad situation work – is often times worse. I have seen many couples that are unhappy together, where they work to undermine each other, make snide comments and basically mock everything that marriage is supposed to stand for. While getting a divorce may somehow trivialize the institution, the alternative is a lie, a reason that people should never get married.

That two people strive for a good relationship but fail is part of being human. Our lives are about striving, reaching and trying to better ourselves. I don't see admitting failure as a sad or dishonorable thing, on the contrary, its taking responsibility, seeing what you did wrong so that you have a better chance succeeding the next time.

Finally I don't think that high divorce rates somehow trivialize the marriages that do work – instead I think that it highlights the ones that do work. That two people are still together despite all the problems that beset people these days really says that they were willing and able to work at keeping things going. That is something special in our day and age. I see high divorce rates as a small price to pay for this.

stev said...

wow. a real essay from w ^^

a celebration of life & union

Bluepanther said...

whatever Debates are not always good, but discussions are always welcome and it is always good to know a different viewpoint.

I agree with somethings you say, disagree with others, but most of all I agree with the fact that Happy, successful marriages are a great blessing and something that brightens up one's life, day after day.

nsg said...

i dont know that marriages r made in heavens but i know that for good marriages u must have lots of skills especially patience & trust.
Otherwise marriage will become like ur birthady celebration which comes in every year.

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