December 16, 2006

Working from home.(A paid post)

Working from home is something that we all dream of at one point of time or another. More than once, I have thought about doing that, but I have never had the courage to take the plunge.

Among many things, working from home gives one a chance to do what one enjoys doing. One can identify what one is good at and set up his or her business accordingly. Not only that, a person gets flexibility in the working hours and can take time out for so many things which he or she other wise misses because of the rigid work hours.

Once a person begins to work, most of his time is taken up by work and work related activities. A person spends more time with colleagues than with his or her family and sometimes this can be a strain on relationships too. Working from home can help prevent that, because your family members are your colleagues. Also, if you are able to set up something good, you can have the satisfaction of providing employment to many unemployed people.

Hopefully, some day, I can gather enough courage to take the risk and quit my job and start working from home.


nsg said...

this is right that working from home give more pleasure but how every one can work from home. some has to go to other's place.

Invisible Blogger said...

I've always worked at home with a few exceptions. It's always been good for me and my children. Currently I own two businesses. Granted, one of them does take me from home (natural cleaning service) but the majority of the work is done at home and my kids work with me.

Anonymous said...

That would be so awesome if I could work from home. Epsecially since I could wear my comfy PJs and slippers all day. :D

Ari (Baking and Books)

Whatever said...

How is that a "paid post?"

CyberCelt said...

May you find the courage to take the chance and may your business be blessed from the start. The only problem is that if you work at home, you are always at work!

My BYB post is up:

Bluepanther said...

nsg: If everyone could, I would be working from home already!

Invisible Blogger: Thats really nice. I m sure you enjoy every moment of it.

Ari: They would be perks!

Whatever: Because, if approved, I might get paid for it.:)

Cybercelt: Thanks and true!
Never thought of it like that.

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