January 30, 2007

Its a BOY

Like all living things, this blog had, from the beginning, a desire to have an offspring. But like life, it had to wait till it had grown and matured enough, and now that time has come in the life of this blog. This blog has had a baby and it’s a boy.

First, my apologies for not telling you about it earlier but we - me and this blog- were busy thinking of a name for it. I wanted to ask all of you before we named it but the father wanted to do it by himself and he named it
Life Among Other Things. From the looks of it, the blog seems to have taken after his father, which could be a good thing or bad, but that will only be known after some time has passed.

The father, I hear, is it a bit worried because, like most new dads, he is not sure if he is ready for such a big responsibility, but now it is not a matter of choice. He has to set an example for his son and leave a track for the son to follow in and hopefully surpass one day.

It will please the father and, of course me, if you take a little time to stop by and tell the son how cute he is!


The Chef said...

you have great ideas... Especially this one...

Rain said...

You have a lovely site!

Thank you for stopping by my site and taking the time to comment.

Hmm, I think I am going to visit your new boy =)

Blue Panther said...

The Chef: Thank you!I am glad you liked it.

Rain: Thank you for the comment and visiting the new blog.

cooltopten said...

AWW its nice to give birth to a new blog like that.

Blue Panther said...

Cooltopten: Thank you! it is nice!

JoeBlogs said...

Congratulations on your new born...blog.

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