February 25, 2007


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Life, they say, is a continuous learning experience. One is born, and since that day he/she begins to learn about pain, love, hunger, pleasure and a myriad of different things. Teachers facilitate this learning process, and every person that we meet during the journey called life has the potential to teach us something.

When I use the word teachers in this post, I do not refer only to the formal teachers, but every person who we learn something from, including our parents, our siblings, the formal teachers and the men and women we meet who affect our lives in some form or the other.

A good teacher is one who has gone through life making good use of the time available to him and then has the willingness and ability to share his experiences and knowledge with his students. Instead of envying the increasing skill and ability of a student, a teacher enjoys watching his student becoming even better than him.

I can safely say that my life has been enriched and blessed by a lot of such teachers. But, then, they say, a teacher can only be effective, if the student is smart enough and has the willingness to learn. So, I hope that I have been a good student and remain so, till it is time for me to be a teacher to someone.


MsDemmie said...

Great Blessing :) :)

Without such people we would be lost.

I have learnt more from those informal teachers than I ever did from formal ones.

Happy BYB Sunday

Anonymous said...

ahhh but one has to watch that they are not teaching the wrong stuff. Observation is often a key in learning ans sometimes when one is off guard they do not realize that others are watching.

The Lonely Path said...

Someone special comes to mind after I read that article. She once told me that you can't really teach anyone, only show them a path and let him/her decide what to do with it.

This guide showed me much, but we lost touch a while back. Hope you don't mind me saying thank you to her on your blog :)

Sue said...

Wonderful blessing .. :) I agree that teachers do not necessarily have to come from a formal school setting. I think that most we meet through life teach us lessons either good or bad.

In my own entry I named my Father as one of my greatest teachers.


Blue Panther said...

Msdemmie: W surely would be lost without such people.

Happy BYB Sunday too!

Daybyday4-2day: I completely agree with you. It is always a good idea to be careful. as they say, " Better safe than sorry"

The Lonely Path: I dont mind at all. In fact that is the very point of BYB Sunday - to remember the people and things that we are greateful for.

Sue: The bad ones teach us what not to do in the future.

Parents are one of the greatest teachers that we can ever hope to have.

Kuanyin said...

I feel that everyone is our teacher. We are always learning from others if we stay aware. Good Blessing and Happy BYB Sunday.

Kuanyin said...

I just left a comment, but now it has disappeared. My computer is acting funny today! Anyways, Happy BYB Sunday...if two comments show up from me, this is why!

Marilyn said...

Great Blessing.

Having tried it, I'd have to say that teaching is one of the hardest jobs on earth.

CyberCelt said...

Wonderful post. I am a teacher at times and I try to instill a sense of adventure in students and relay the lesson in a way that it makes sense to each student.

I attended a conference a few years ago and they were trying to get teachers to teach history with rap music. I think that may be a bit much, but you have to connect to the student if they are to learn.

You are a great teacher, Neo. Your posts always have substance and convey your beliefs.

Have a great week.

stev said...

like the saying goes "a teacher for a day, a teacher for life"

have had many mentor/teachers in my life. definitely a great way to learn many things & gain experience with slightly less pain involved in the process ;)

Recovering Lutheran said...

I have been blessed to have learned at the feet of some of the finest teachers around. I salute them and their dedication. Excellent post and reminder to all of us to be thankful for learning and those who impart it to us.

Blue Panther said...

Kuanyin: I agree, everyone who crosses our path has the potential to teach us something.

Marilyn: Though tough, it must be great to be a teacher.

Cybercelt: Thank you very much!

Have a great week!

Stev: Definitely if we listen to ourteachers we can learn many things that would give us a lot of pain if we decided to go through the experiences ourselves.

Recovering Lutheran: Yes ,we should be thankful to all those who teach us anything! Thank you for liking the post!

Whatever said...

And who learns more: the teacher or the student? :-)

D said...

I totally agree that teachers need not necessarily be the ones at "school". The best teachers are the those who are able to share the knowledge that they have and not all school ones can do that!
Teachers these days are, however, not allowed to think that they should only be teaching students who are smart enough or willing enough to learn! Having said that, it makes their jobs even harder than anyone can imagine.
What I'd like to say is that informal teaching is almost always rewarding (read easier) since the student is a willing and able participant. On the other hand, one can appreciate the fact that formal teachers should not be discredited given that they have to continually overcome extinction with what they have to deal with these days.
Alright, I am a teacher!

Jayashree Bhat said...

Very true. if we stop to think about it, we learn something new everyday from different people.
Interesting observation. Not something we usually think about.
And what happened to the novel you wrote for Nanowrimo? Planning to get it published?

Blue Panther said...

Whatever: That is a little hard to say but still I guess the student learns more than the teacher.

D: Yea, teaching can be tough at times but I have always wanted to try my hand at formal teaching.

Maybe some day...

Jayashree: We indeed do. I dont think my nanowrimo novel was good enough to be published, maybe I will post it in parts on this blog and my other blog.

Anonymous said...

Teach on my brother

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