March 3, 2007


One thing that most of us aspire for and want in our lives is control. But, most of the times what we are trying to control are things that are not in our power to control and thus we end up unsatisfied, and sometimes frustrated.

As a child, one tries to get everything that they want from their parents. In his innocent selfishness, the child fails to realize the hardships a parent has to go through to get things for the child. Then as one grows up and makes friends and looks for a partner in life, a person, consciously or sub-consciously, tries to control their actions in one way or the other. This often leads to broken friendships and estranged relationships. The expectations of a parent from a child are too many to be enumerated. Not only do we try to control the behavior of other people around us, we also try to control the situations that we find ourselves in.

While wanting to be in control is not a bad thing in itself, we should realize that the only thing that a person can control, to some extent, is his or her own thoughts, actions and behavior. Every year, we make resolutions and make promises to ourselves about what we want to change and yet, in time, these resolutions and promises are broken.

In this regard someone has rightly said, “Consider how hard it is to change yourself, before you try to change others.”

Therefore, it seems to me, that it would be much better for each one of us, as an individual, if we focus on our own actions and be in total control of what we do. Control, then, definitely is not bad at all.


Sank "Da Devil" Daru said...

In this regard I will also like to quote the saying of Mahatma Gandhi...

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Its the power of ONE that can change the world!

Marilyn said...

So true, and so hard to remember when others start to make you crazy.

Blue Panther said...

sank "da devil" daru: That is a nice quote and quite apt.

Marilyn: I agree!

C. Asbury said...

I agree self control, in my opinion seems to be what is seriously lacking in today's society.

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