April 1, 2007

BYBS- A small thing

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On Friday I had to go to work by bus. Though it takes more time and is inconvenient, every once in a while either I choose to or am forced to use the bus to get to work. Sometimes one can have interesting experiences in public transport systems like buses, trains, etc.

So, on Friday I was coming back from work in an almost empty bus and we reached a bus stop. A frail, old (I think she must have been at least 70) lady whom I had not noticed before got ready to get off the bus. She was carrying a bag that seemed too heavy for her.

My first thought was: Why is she travelling alone?

Then a couple of people helped her with the bag and as I was near to the door, I held the door open and saw her getting off the bus, still wondering if she would be alright! Then I saw him.

An old man, bent with age, was standing at the stop. He moved forward, took the bag and helped the lady get down before they walked off together. Though the bag was heavy for the man too, yet he seemed to carry his burden with ease.

As the bus moved off, I could not help but smile knowing that the old couple had each other to lift whatever weight life had in store for them. I don’t know but after witnessing this little incident my day passed much better.

Have a great week!


CyberCelt said...

Neo, you are such a romantic. If he really loved her, he would go to the store and let her sit at home...LOL

Have a wonderful Sunday and a blessed week.

Standing under the Sky said...

That's a beautiful story and a great reminder of what's important in this life! Thank you.

Sue said...

That is a beautiful blessing, and they are truly blessed to have each other ... :) Incidents like those are a reaffirmation of the power of long standing love!

Happy BYB Sunday. My blessing this week are friends.

msdemmie said...

What a beautiful story.

Happy BYB Sunday and have a great week.

Blue Panther said...

Cybercelt: What you say is true (about him going), but I am sure there must have been a valid reason for her going instead of him.

Have a great week ahead!

Standing under the sky: You are welcome and Thank you for commenting!

Sue: Yes, they are indeed. You have a great week ahead.

Msdemmie: You Too!

Matthew Didier said...

Great story... thanks kindly for sharing it...

Marilyn said...

That was so sweet. I hope to be with my Somebody long enough to help him carry the burdens of age. What a lovely image to take with me into the week.

Kuanyin said...

I like your little stories for they are full of heart. Happy BYB Sunday!

squirrel said...

What a sweet story!

stev said...

mmm. nice simple stories

Happily Anonymous said...

Nice post Neo.

Hopeful Spirit said...

That's a wonderful post. I have seen couples like that and am always amazed by them. Their example is a blessing to us.

Blue Panther said...

Matthew: Thank you for the comment!

Marilyn: Your wish will come true, I am sure!

Kuanyin: Thank you for liking the stories.

Squirrel: Thanks for liking it.

Stev: mmm... simple they are, nice I hope.

Happily Anonymous: Thanks!

Hopeful Spirit: It is indeed. Thanks for the comment.

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