May 17, 2007

The Wait

I am sure all of us have waited for something in life. A phone call, an interview result, a package, something…

It could be something special or it could be something ordinary, but when we begin to wait for it, the wait takes a life of its own. The wait becomes a living, throbbing, and a very tangible thing. Everything else ceases to have any importance, and all one can think of is the thing they are waiting for. It’s only human to focus on what you don’t have and not pay attention to what you have.

Have you ever waited for something, in a manner that your life became one continuous wait, from morning to evening, and then from night to morning? If you have then you would know what I mean.

During the course of the day, there are certain times when the probability of your wait coming to an end is more than others. These are the times that one looks forward to each day and when these are over one wishes that the day was over, and it’s the same time of the next day.

They say the best way to overcome this is to do other things, and focus on something else. But whoever gave the advice, I think, did not have to wait for anything ever. Do whatever, its hard – almost impossible – to think about something else, especially if the thing you are waiting for means a lot to you.

I think if you can’t beat them, join them. So, if putting an end to the wait is not in your hands, just enjoy the wait or at least try to. That’s what I am trying to do anyways, even though this wait is killing me.


Maya said...

I completely agree! Sometimes 'waiting' takes over your whole life and gives rise to an endless cycle of doubt, hope, fear, exhilaration (specially if the outcome of wait can be either good or bad -and nothing in between - each moment seems like a century.)
Nice post!

squirrel said...

I know exactly what you mean I am in the process of waiting for something to happen tomorrow and I don't know what the outcome will be when it's over!!!

Sandy Carlson said...

Ooh, I hear you! Waiting and time are two bugbears for me. I have somehow lost all of my watches, so my only timepiece is my cellphone. It works. My computer, my source of work, is in our cellar, so I have no daylight to measure time. It's a bit like being a mole, but it has the advantage of taking the anticipation of time makers out of the day!

Blue Panther said...

Thanks for taking the timre to comment.

Squirrel: I am sure you will get whatever outcome you are wishing and hoping for.

Sandy: Cell phones are quite a good replacement for wrist watches, unless one is wearing the watch as a fashion accessory.

sir jorge said...

The one thing I hate is waiting.

I had to wait for so much in my life and everyday I have to wait for a bus.

Always waiting.

Di said...

Waiting tops my many pet peeves and I absolutely loathe people who keep me waiting. I find it rude, arrogant and absolutely off-putting and it has contributed to the dissolution of many friendships in the past. However, having said that, waiting for the intangible is more tolerable. I do hope you get what you are waiting for!

Jen said...

Good things are supposed to come to those who wait, right?! Just how long should one wait?! ;-)

BTW: You are my newest tennant, however, BE is being sucky again and won't let me approve your bid!

Blue Panther said...

Sir Jorge: Waiting is never easy. Waiting for a bus is even more annoying because it always seems that there are more buses that are going in the opposite direction than in which you are going.

Di: I dont think anyone likes people who keep them waiting. Though, some are more willing to put up with those people than others.

Thanks, and I hope I get what I am waiting for too.

Jen: No one can say how long is long enough. I guess everyone has to decide for him/herself.

Blue Panther said...
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stev said...

waiting is sweet sensual pleasure!


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