June 28, 2007


After a lot of procrastination (which seems to have become a habit with me lately) I have finally decided to give it a try;those who know me have - every now and then- heard me talk about starting an online magazine.I have many times decided to start one but every time , on one pretext or another, I have managed to put it off.

But this time when the thought hit me again, I decided to hold on to the thought tight and act on it. So, on 15th of July 2007, "The MAG - A Magazine for All Generations" will be born.

Though I am filled with doubts and uncertainities at this moment as to how this will happen, yet the only way to find is by actually doing it. As they say, to learn how to swim one has to get into the water, but what they dont say is that getting into the water may cause one to drown too. So, as of now, it remains to be seen if the idea of "The MAG" swims afar, or drowns at the very shore itself.

The plan for now is to launch "The MAG" as a general interest, fortnightly e-magazine covering topics like Politics, Current Affairs, Health, Blogs, Astrology, Sports, Books , Movies, etc. If you think you can write on any one of the above topics or any related topic, and you want to be a part of "The MAG" - either as a one time contributor or as a regular contributor- send in your contribution at


Anonymous said...


Sandy Carlson said...

This is a great idea. Will you embrace a global perspective on politics and the like? I'd love to offer something about movies. Good luck!

Blue Panther said...

Anon: Thank you for the wishes.

Sandy: One can only try, as they say. Thanks for the luck.

CyberCelt said...

Cool! Who is your audience? I would like to contribute if I may.

Blue Panther said...

CyberCelt: You surely can. Send in your contribution to themag.in@gmail.com

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