August 21, 2007

So many ideas, So few words

If ideas were posts, this blog would always be full up to the brim. But, sadly, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip and there are many roadblocks, before an idea can mature into a complete blog post - one that is capable of entertaining and informing on it's own.

As I sit down in front of the computer to type a post, ideas cross my mind thick and fast, like traffic on a busy street. But there is a difference. Most vehicles on the road know where they are headed to. The young executive getting to work, the taxi driver dropping the guy at the airport, the young girl on the two wheeler getting to college and so on and so forth. The ideas in my head, on the other hand, have no where to go. They arise out of no where, stay with me for some time, and then disappear just as quickly as they had appeared.

They say the smallest of actions is greater than the greatest of ideas. Many people might disagree with that, but I think I know what the person who said it for the first time must have meant when he said those words.

Ideas, no doubt, are what result in the eventual action. But an idea that results in no action is just a waste of time and effort. Ideas without action result in frustration. In one's thoughts, one feels that he is capable of achieving great things, but the situation in his life, where he is hardly doing anything, tells him otherwise.

The ideas I am having are not of greatness or achievements, but really simple ones. Love - it's meaning, existence and importance in our lives is a subject that I often think about.Then there are thoughts about life - the right way to live it, or the question :is there a right way to live life? Maybe we are just trapped here, with roles that have been scripted already. Then what do we struggle for, why do we fight for things? Why can't we be satisfied with the way things are?...Oops!

See, I told you, there are a lot of thoughts but they do not belong here, at least not yet. Oh! by the way, have I ever mentioned that I really like movies with happy endings.

1 comment:

Sandy Carlson said...

Know the feeling. By the time Wordpad loaded, my big idea was gone for the night. Maybe tomorrow?

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