September 7, 2007

Real Men don't cry

It was a gloomy morning. The sky was overcast and rain was imminent. He walked briskly to the car, hoping that rain would wait till he was safely in the driver's seat. His prayers were answered.

No sooner had the car swerved on to the high way than the rain lashed across his windshield with all its force. He double checked all his windows to ensure none was left open. "Everything okay." he said to himself, and tried to focus on the road. But his mind wandered to another time, another place. He could hear her laugh, and her voice as if she was there, as if she was never gone.

He was overwhelmed with emotion as thoughts of her flooded his mind. Deep feelings stirred in him, and from their midst arose questions - many and unanswered.

"Damn!" he sweared, as he felt a wetness on his thighs. Was a window open?

He checked again and everything was shut tight, but he felt something roll down his cheek and onto his thigh. A tear drop.

He quickly wiped it off and checked himself. " Men don't cry..they don't..never..they just don't," he kept repeating to himself - loudly and silently by turns. The tears stopped for a second, but the storm brewing in his mind never did. The more he tried to push it away, the harder it pushed back till, at last, it engulfed his mind, body and soul.

He had no other option now. He opened his window and the relentless rain rushed in and slapped him across his face. His face was wet now, as was the rest of his body.

Was he crying now? No one knows, or ever will, for even if real men cry, the tears are never seen.

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Anonymous said...

I have read this several times and I have to say I think it has been said to many times because I think real men do cry it has been pushed in their head for so long like john wayne,real men can and do cry or at least I hope so I had cancer twice my husband never cryed or at least not in front of me, bull crap, men cry please it does not make you less of a man and it lets us know you do have a heart,o.k. I want read it again

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