September 11, 2007

Terrorism - Then and now!

Terrorism has been an problem in India for quite some time. But it was only with the 9th September, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centers that the attention of the entire world was focused on the menace that terrorism had become. Later, on December 13, 2001, a group of terrorists attacked the Parliament of India and managed to kill 9 policemen and injure several others. (Image : US National Park Service)

Six years later, there has been no let up in the terror attacks across the world. On 7th July, 2005 several explosions rocked London during the morning rush hours. Then as recently as 25th August,2007 Bomb explosions rocked the city of Hyderabad and changed the lives of many forever.

What is a serious cause of worry is that in spite of an international war on terror, going on for the last six years, not much has been achieved. Terrorist are able to choose a time and place of their liking and unleash misery and sorrow on innocent people. Investigations of these attacks have revealed that many educated men and professionals are a part of the group that plan these attacks.

This is something that, I feel, agencies all over the world should focus on. What is the reason that many young men and women who have spent a good amount of their lives in the mainstream society, studying to qualify themselves as professionals, suddenly decide to join the terrorists. What is it that the terrorist organizations use as bait to lure such people?

After spending years to become doctors, engineers, software professionals, why are they so ready to lay down their lives and take the lives of so many others. Until this question is answered, a victory against the terrorists is not possible, and many of our youth, who could shape a bright future for our world, will continue to destroy it.


new illuminati said...

Mate - cobber - there has been LESS terrorism worldwide since 2001.
Let's stop eulogising a put up job.
Fair dinkum - the intelligence agencies get paid more if we believe them - but they're BEHIND all this crap.
Islam is slime, christinanity is little better - but this is all about power politics, not a question of the motives of doctors and lawyers.
It's not as if 'professionals' are a superior species. Quite the opposite, in my experience.
Fair Dinkum!

Sandy Carlson said...

Thanks for this post. I have a friend who fled Iraq during the first Bush regime. He says over and over that the US never resolved the problem it created in Saddam. This is a perspective that's hard to grasp as an American, yet I believe it's true. I don't share new illuminati's view that Islam and Christianity are slime, but I am deeply angered by the politicians who hijack these beautiful faiths for their own purposes. I find myself hoping and praying we see each other for who we are rather than as representatives of others' inane dogma.

Blue Panther said...

New Illuminati: I don't think I agree with much of what you have said. Every religion is good at the core, the problem, sometimes, lies in the people who follow the religion.

And I never intended to mean that "professionals" are a superior species. What I did mean was that to become a professional one has to dedicate considerable time and energy to his studies and work. And there must be something that the fundamentalists offer to them that makes all that time and effort immaterial to them

Sandy: That is true indeed. Some politicians and other vested interests are using religion to fuel their vote banks and that is not good at all.

Kalyan said...

Terrorism is one curse in our society but we just have to live with it and pray and hope for a better tomorrow, and terrorism just vanishes from this world sooner than later!

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