September 28, 2007

Truth shall prevail

Lately, more than ever before, I have realized the importance of truth in our lives. Happiness, Socrates said, lay in becoming what we pretend to be. Unhappiness, I think, has its biggest ally in falsehood. Most of us would consider ourselves to be truthful most of the times. And yet, we would not mind using a little lie to get out of a tricky situation.

After all, if it is for the benefit of all concerned then it is ok to lie. Is it not what is usually said?

I, myself, subscribe to this theory, but recently I have started to realize that this point of view is flawed on many levels. First, since we get to save our skins by lying, we convince ourselves that everyone was benefited from it. Second, a lie is a lie and whatever the reason we may for it, we will not be the better off because of it. Third, man, by nature, is short sighted and to save oneself from trouble in the present, one ignores what the effect of the lie told today, might have on our tomorrow.

In this respect, there is a line often said in Hindi movies that comes to mind ,"Before you think about the short term benefits, think about the long term loss. And before you think about the short term loss, think about the long term gain."

Have you ever found yourself lying and regretted it later. Though it is a sticky and a personal issue, I would love it if you would share your experiences in this regard.


LUCKY LADY said...

have told a couple of lies when I was younger but I now believe you don't lie,cheat or steal and you do it right the first time,my husband taught me that and it works so wellI

Rohit said...

Satyamev Jayate
Truth only triumphs...

Willem van Goisan said...

The practical problem with lying is that a little lie begets a bigger one and that can start a thing going which costs peoples lives.
Some theory (for leadership) advises to tell big lies, because people are apt to believe it. Thats usually on the political level where the perpetrators dont even know they are lying.

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