October 17, 2007

What would you do?

It was a cold evening. The winter had begun to set in, and had taken people unawares. Most men and women were still dressed in summer clothes, and the sudden change in weather sent a shiver down their spine, every now and then. Everyone seemed to be in a rush to get into the warm comfort of their homes.

Kabir, too, was driving home from work. It was a little late, and he knew his family was waiting for him so that they could all have their dinner together. He quickly rolled up the windows, and stepped a little harder on the accelerator. Suddenly, his eyes caught something on the road. It seemed like a human figure, but it was a strange place for a man to be lying, especially at such a time. It was one of the busiest streets in town; it was a cold evening and the road was covered with a thin sheet of ice-cold water.

"Is something wrong, or maybe he is just drunk," Kabir thought to himself. He slowed down to check if the man was alright, but before he could stop, there were voices in his head that told him, "It is none of your business."

There were many vehicles going around the man - slowing down, but not stopping. Kabir wanted to stop, but the car behind him started honking it's horn and, Kabir's foot did not press on the brake hard enough. His car kept on moving ahead, slowly but surely. His eyes, instead, spotted a traffic policeman about 20 feet from where the man was lying. "He will take care of the man," Kabir told himself. "What can I do anyways? I am not a doctor," he thought.

While he was still thinking, time made the decision for him. He had crossed the man on the road, and was near his home. He felt he should have stopped, but he had not. He felt guilty deep inside, but the moment had passed. His chance to help the man had come and gone, and he had failed. But he hoped that someone else would succeed where he had failed.

If you were in Kabir's place, what would you have done? Or maybe you have been in that position sometime in your life...what did you do?


Dave said...

That shows what happens when you spend all your time thinking about what you should do instead of doing it.

CyberCelt said...

I always stop to lend help. If nothing else, I can lend succor to someone scared or dying, even help save their lives sometimes.

If other people have stopped, I usually do not unless it looks like something bad is going to happen.

I would never leave a person lying in the road.

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