January 23, 2008

Going back to school...

Learning they say is a never ending process. But what about education? Especially the formal one, that requires going to a college or an university. Is there an age limit after which it is not advisable for a person to go to school?

I have been thinking about question like these for the last couple of days. The answer I think is quite obvious: Just like learning, there should be no age for education either. One can go back to college whenever he has the will or the ability to do so. But, as a person grows up, he or she gets stuck in a rut. A job, a family, responsibilities etc. etc.

It is easy for a person to fall into a routine and then get used to it so much that even the thought of breaking that routine is almost scary. So, to actually take a break from life and go back to school is unthinkable. But, sometimes it is what you want and what you need, and at such times it is imperative to work out a way to take a break and do it.

Do you know anyone around you who has gone back to school after a gap of at least five years? Have you?


absent.canadian said...

Me - I went back to finish my degree after a 9 year hiatus. My advice is to pace yourself; take one course to start with, to acclimate yourself back into the regimen of college life ...

Paulie said...

me too! I started college right after high school and then got married two years later. The after three kids, I went back to college and got my degree to teach at 40. Now, I am retired and I have been thinking about going over to take some classes that seniors get a special discount on. . . maybe one day.

Hershey Desai said...

I guess I technically fit this description..

did nearly 5 years to get my bachelors in engineering, after yet another failed attempt, decided to quit and go for what i like..

so basically now i am doing bachelor's in multimedia..
thus, in the technical sense, I lost 5 years..

ah but its cool. Atleast I am doing what i want now.

Heather said...

I'm doing my masters after a gap of about seven years. It's definitely harder, because I'm working at the same time...but it seems to me that the experience is worth more. I think that when you go back to school, you have a better appreciation for what it's worth and why you're doing it.

stev said...

should be a life long process methinks ;)

tho long breaks in between do make it quite hard to pick one's self up again

planning to do my masters as well in a few years tho

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