January 30, 2008

Why I like Superheroes

While watching "Superman Returns" I realised something that I have always known. I like Superheroes and their stories.

Superheroes wear great costumes, they have great bodies, they can jump from buildings without getting hurt, some of them can even fly...but none of that is the reason why I like them.

I like superheroes because, for me, they are a great example of how a person should lead his life. Most superheroes are ordinary people, living an ordinary life, until fate decides to bestow great powers on them. When they become superheroes they have to make great sacrifices on the personal front for the general good of the world.

While I understand that these are mere flights of fantasy, yet I also feels that there is a superhero inside all of us. This superhero is always telling us to act nobly and in a selfless way, but the practical part of us stifles the voice of this superhero and makes us act in a slightly selfish manner.

Every time we do that, the superhero inside us dies a little. Every time we listen to the superhero, he becomes a little stronger and our powers increase. If we can do the right thing every time (almost impossible to do), I am sure each one of us can become a superhero; Maybe not in the flying-jumping from windows-superman sense, but in the sense of you acting in a manner that gives great satisfaction to you, and those who dearly love you.

I am not sure everyone who reads this will agree with the viewpoint, but it definitely motivates me to act in the right way (though, to be honest, I often fail to do the right thing).

Moreover, there are so many problems in the world, that one superhero would never be enough to take care of all of them. That is another reason why each one of us should try and solve the problems that we see around us. Each one of us has a unique power that we can use to help someone, and we should.

So, I like superheroes, because they remind me of the superhero inside me and inside every one else. They also remind me that the best person to solve my problems and the problems around me...is me.


Adam Kamerer - JoyChaser.com said...

I agree completely. I think it's also interesting to study how superheroes see a resurgence in popular culture when society is worried about something. For example, many of the old superhero comics (Captain America) for example, first appeared during the Cold War. In the post 9/11 world, we've seen a massive resurgence of superhero pop culture with movies like Spiderman, new Batman movies, even the Ironman movie coming out soon.

Anonymous said...

what.. you didn't mention any women superheroes here? hehehe...

Sandy Carlson said...

I agree with you, Neo! Perhaps that's why so many superheroes are transformed ordinary people. I was wondering while I read if superheroes will someday be seen as mythological figures or at least as descendants of the big guys from myth.

Thought-provoking, as usual.

Edmund (the explorer) Nesbitt said...

I am hoping to be remembered as somebody trying to be a little hero!

(mrs nesbitt is my mum)

PS I was sorry to hear you have never had a teddy bear...I would love to be your friend.

stev said...

yes, you I, and everyone are all superheroes

in our own small lil ways that is ;)

personally i would put it is as doing something right and helping even one person in the world, or mother earth herself

now, can I be hiro nakamura? :P

Ken said...

I agree with your Superheros posting. Providing kindness and listening to our heart will make us a hero to someone.

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