March 19, 2008

The Good Old Times!

Meeting someone from the distant past is always good. It brings back memories of times that have long gone by, times that have faded even in our rememberances. Last night, at a friend's place, I happened to see a familiar face in a sea of almost strange faces.

It did not take long for me to realise where I had seen the face - she was a teacher from my school. I wanted to go up to her and wish her a good day, but I wasn't sure if she would recognise me. So, I almost avoided meeting her.

Then my friend came to the rescue. We both had attended the same school, and he had been in touch with the teacher through the years. The teacher did not recognise me until my friend re-introduced me.

But once she did remember, we had a good time talking about the good old school days. I think for anyone who has gone to school, it is imposible to forget those days. There is not much to worry about and the responsibilities are minimum (though, back then, it didn't seem that way).

When one is in school, one just wants to grow up as soon as possible, get a job, and be released from the boring routine of going to school every day. If one knew what the life of a grown up is, he or she would never want to get out of school. Don't you think?


SandyCarlson said...

It's always interesting to bump into someone from the past. It's like traveling backwards through time. That can be a mixed blessing!

Paulie said...

Just stopping by to check t see if you had your post up for this Sunday but I see you still have last week's. . . I was pretty sure I had left a comment last week but I see no comments listed. I pray that you are ok and just didn't get time to moderate them. I will be back tomorrow when I am supposed to drop by. Ü

stev said...

true to a certain extent

still looking back once a while is always a good thing & catching up/reminiscing can be quite fun =)

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