April 2, 2008

Well Begun is...

Well begun is half done, they tell me. And I can't help but agree with what they say.

After all if you don't start a thing, you can't expect to finish it, can you? So, just by having a beginning, the chances of having an ending are increased manifold. If the beginning is good, the probability of the ending being good will be greater too.

But, like most things, there is a rider to this theory. Starting things is not all that difficult; keeping them going till the intended finish is an altogether different story(...as I have found out in the recent past). The time available to us is fixed - 24 hours in one day - and what we can do in this time is limited. Out of the one million and one things we can do in this time, we have to choose a few, and this choice has to be judicious.

When we start a lot of things, our time gets divided into so many parts that sometimes all we end up doing is waste the whole day. And out of the many things we started, nothing gets done!

So, though well begun is half done, it would be wise to remember that one who starts too many things gets nothing done.

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Anonymous said...

all the best to you!!

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