May 6, 2008

A Personal Post!

The last few days have been strange - a mix of good and bad. There have been highs, and, then, there have been the lows. One of the results of all that has been that I ended up neglecting this b. Initially, I felt bad about that, but soon I got over it. After all, the blog exists because I do, and not the other way around (though at times it does feel like one exists because the blog exists, no??)!

I did not even post a BYB Sunday post last week. The reason was that I was not having a particularly happy weekend, and it did feel kind of artificial to do a blessings post when I did not feel blessed at all ( It was a phase, and , of course, I am over it now. :) ). I am hoping I will be able to get back to regular blogging now. At the least, I will be trying to.

It has always been difficult for me to blog about personal issues, be they good ones or bad ones. That is especially surprising as I consider this to be a personal blog, though I do write about other things at times. I guess it is because of the feeling that anyone, in any mood, might be reading this, and he might not understand the sentiment in which the post has been written. One can't blame the reader, and one can't let one's feelings be taken lightly. So, the best thing to do is keep away from the personal posts. And, in line with that principle, I am going to cut his post short... and end it.

I would like to end it with a question though : Are you comfortable blogging about personal issues?


stev said...

was not. am now. to an extent.

depends on who & what your blog content is

for myself, blogging helps me throw around ideas/thoughts & get various other viewpoints from my esteemed blogders as well

still of course there's a level of privacy that we are comfortable with - depending on each of ourselves or how we phrase our thoughts/words


Whatever said...

I feel more uncomfortable talking about personal stuff on my blog because of "offline people" --- people I know outside of the online world, that I've told about my blog. This is rather ironic, given that next to nobody online or offline reads my blog :-)

The weird thing about the online world is that I experience in such a personal way that it's hard to remember that other people are strangers who I don't know at all. One piece of wisdom I've found is that most people don't care about what's going on with me. My personal matters, which have a great importance to me, mean next to nothing to most others.

Thus while I avoid talking about matters personal, my blog is probably one of the "safest" places to do so.

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