June 26, 2008

Is Excess of Everything Bad?

It is said that excess of anything is bad.

This phrase is often used to imply that too much of even a good thing is bad. Recently, in conversation with a friend, this phrase came up. I felt at that time that there was something about the phrase that was not right. But I did not get a lot of time to think about it, so I let it go then.

On thinking about it later, I am convinced now that though the phrase is not wrong, it is not entirely accurate either. Of course, the statement holds true for most things, but there are many things - good things - that you can never have excess of and hence they cannot be bad.

If something is good than you can never have excess of it. If you seem to have excess of it, then you are doing it wrong. This might sound a bit confusing, but if you think about it a little, you will, I am sure, understand what I am trying to say.

To quote an example, let us continue from one of my previous posts and take truth as an example. Can there be a thing like excess of truth, and can that be bad?

According to me, the answer to the first question is a huge "No". Truth just is - an excess of truth is exaggeration, and any lack of truth is a lie. So, you can say the truth a many times as you want to, but you will never have excess of it, and hence, it will never be bad for you.

I believe that excess of many good things can never be bad. Do you agree, or do you believe that "excess of everything is bad"?

1 comment:

stev said...

generalization is never easy :P

but for the sake of argument, truth itself can sometimes be not the correct answer

for example, classic questions such as the wife asking the hubby whether the dress makes her look fat

or in a more extreme situation, when telling the truth will cause harm or even death to many innocents

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