August 10, 2008

BYBS - A Thought

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"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

The above line is from Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. The same thought also formed the central theme of a Hindi movie, not too long ago.

Though this thought might easily be dismissed as wishful thinking, yet, I am convinced, there is something in the thought that rings true. The pre-requisite, of course, is that you have to want something with all your heart, and you have to be prepared to do all that it takes to get what you want. The universe can conspire in helping you to achieve it, but it is you who have to actually achieve it.

Most of the times we dwell on the option of failing too much. I think we are afraid to anticipate success because then we would have raised our hopes, and these hopes would come crashing down in the eventuality of a failure. So, we choose to think about failing, so that we won't get hurt when we actually fail.

And here is where the thought about the universe helping us comes in. It is a simple matter of believing and having faith. We should dream, and have a goal in mind. Once that is done, we should not worry about failing, or even succeeding. It sounds like a cliche, but it is true : failures and success are a part of life, and they will come to us. So why worry?

We should accept that there are forces out there that are looking out for us. We should just do what we are supposed to do without worrying about the end results. In other words we should faithfully do our duty, and want something for when we want something, all the universe conspires in helping us to achieve it.

Have a great week ahead.


storyteller said...

This is an excellent and timely reminder here for all of us. I do believe this is the absolute truth ... yet I do 'forget' often to hold it in mind and trust enough to step out in faith. Thank you.
Hugs and blessings,

CyberCelt said...

Excellent post, Neo. There is something helping us or I would have failed in my role as a mother. I never planned to have children, but there I was, pregnant. It was not easy, but I did a better job than I ever expected. I had help at every turn. People I never met helped me. Now, I try to pass some of that "something" on.

Have a great week. Do not work too hard if that is what is keeping you from blogging. If you are having fun, have more.

Anonymous said...


I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling
author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

Have a nice day!


SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for this. I read it as a pep talk I very much needed today. This line: gets me up and out of my chair and ready to work:

Most of the times we dwell on the option of failing too much.

God bless.

Paulie said...

As I was reading your blessing, it brought to mind the inventors and inventions they came up with by trying to accomplish something AND many times there were failures before success. Very good point!

Paulie said...

A happy belated Independence day to you and your country!

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