September 28, 2008

BYBS : Intrinsically Motivated!

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My end-term exams begin tomorrow, and I had decided that I was going to miss posting this week. But, then, all of a sudden - out of nowhere - I had this inspiration to write a post.

I guess most of my posts sound similar. In fact, one site that reviews blogs, said this about me : "He tries so hard to be interesting, that he ends up becoming boring." I cannot deny that charge. I do try hard, maybe too hard sometimes, to come up with ideas for my posts. After blogging for more than two years, it becomes a little difficult to come up with new ideas - at least for me.

This post is about dissonance. All of us, regardless of age, sex, caste or creed, have an inherent desire to become a better person (of course, I am no exception). Different people may have different reasons for doing so, but everyone wants to be good at almost everything they do. Also, most, if not all, people know what they need to do in order to become better. Yet, most of the times we fail to do so.


A smoker knows that smoking is not doing any good to his health, and yet he smokes. Sometimes, he might even feel bad about it, yet he can't kick the habit. Why?

I think the answer lies in motivation. Most of the times our reason to do good lies outside us. Maybe we want to conform to society's laws, or impress someone, or something similar. I have begun to believe know that this approach really does not work.

We can only do things that require effort if we perceive them to be directly beneficial to us. The motivation to do better has to come because of reasons that lie within us, and not outside. I think this requires that a person spends some time introspecting, and finding out what he truly wants? Once he has done that, it will be easier for him to identify the steps that are required to get what he wants.

A classic example can be getting up early in the morning. Most of us want to be early risers, because everyone says that it is a good thing to be an early riser. So, we try to wake up early in the morning, but try as hard, we fail. The reason is simple, we have never actually thought about how getting up early in the morning will help us. Once we identify that, and realise the benefits that we can get from starting the day early, it might become easier for us to get up early.

So, the ones who are intrinsically motivated to do right, are truly blessed, because they are the ones who actually do what they plan. For the rest, like me, most things just remain on the planning level, and never get executed. But, I feel now, that this realisation is a huge blessing in itself.

Have a great week ahead!!! And don't forget to wish me luck for the exams, because I need all the luck that I can get!


PERBS said...

Looks like a couple people wrote their today's comment below in last week's post. I used to get confused and do that too. . .

I wish you many blessings for your exams. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

In between studying, come visit a few blogs during your breaks.

As afar as getting up early -- it is easy for me in the summer because the sun rises with me but when it is pitch dark, like now, it is difficult to get out of bed even when I hear the alarm. Glad I am retired and can choose what to do.

storyteller said...

Intriguing reminder of things I 'know' but forget occasionally. I have no trouble rising early, but keeping my surroundings 'free of clutter' is an ongoing issue for the 'recovering pack rat' I am. Methinks today I'll take time to consider the 'benefits' of simplifying my environment and perhaps doing so will help me move forward on this goal in more productive ways. Thanks ... and good luck with your exams.
Hugs and blessings,

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