October 26, 2008

BYBS : A Beautiful Excuse

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There are some things that we all know about life. Yet, sadly, it is rarely that we practice what we know, or make a good habit a part of our lives. It is as if the good habits are for others, while for us there is just one word - excuse!

We have an excuse for almost everything...

If you are thinking that this is another one of those holier-than-thou posts that I often get criticized for, you could not be more wrong. In fact, this post is just the opposite. Here, I am going to shower many praises on The Excuse.

These days I have an excuse for getting up late in the morning, an excuse for not working out, an excuse for eating as much as I like all day long, and an excuse for not doing anything constructive at all. The excuse is that I am home, on a three day break, for Diwali, one of the most celebrated of Indian festivals. I will be posting more about the festival on the day itself (Tuesday), but till that day, I am just going to use it as an excuse to do nothing, but take a break and, as they say, chill out!

Hope you all have a great day!


DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Excuse or not, the ability to "chill out" is a blessing unto itself!

SandyCarlson said...

I will have no excuse for a bad day, Blue Panther! God bless.

Sweeta said...

Yes I believe that we all have an excuse for everything we do or not do. I just joined and my 1st entry is up!

Kristine G said...

what an insight!
I've never thought that excuses are blessings. although people says not to make excuses, i think excuses is a way to realize that life is something precious enough to enjoy, not just constant obligations to do:)
thank's for sharing this meme.
Sorry for missing BYBS this week. My life has been complicated these few past days.. :).

Sue said...

Excuses can be a blessing, and I can think of none better then celebrating Diwali something I learned about from an old friend at work. And the sweets his wife made for this beautiful festival were awesome!!!

PERBS said...

I look forward to reading about Diwali --in fact, I can't wait for you and will go look it up. Sounds like a blessing for many! It was so good to see you making the rounds once again -- have missed you visiting around. So, Diwali is a blessing to me too!

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