March 22, 2009

Examinations - Almost a BYB!

Exams are such a bore, but, then again, where would we be if there were no such things as exams.

My experience as a student as well as a working professional has taught me one thing - people need some kind of deadline or test to give their best, otherwise they tend to just take the easy way out. In most of my posts, I try to generalize things as much as possible. But, in this post, I am going to break my own rule, and talk strictly about myself.

As I have said in many posts, I like to read. Give me a good book to read, and the world could just cease to exist, and I might not notice. But when I have to study for an exam, I simply don't have the inclination to do so. I think I have a morbid fear of being tested. I think this fear results from the fact that exams are inevitably followed by results, and results bring in their wake comparisons. And, like John Madden, I think all comparisons are odious.

Also, the fear of failure is another something that brings on the examination fever for me. However hard I prepare (and I really don't prepare that hard), I can never be sure of getting the desired result in the exam. I think only a very few I-live-to-study type of people can claim, after an exam, of performing to their satisfaction. Most of us, mere mortals, come out feeling, "If only I had spend a little more time, I could have surely topped..."

Also, exam times bring about some funny changes in me. I have observed some of these changes in some of my friends too. So, I guess, once again, I can jump from the field of individuality to generality, with due respect to the few exceptions. Some of these changes are:

1. I enjoy watching TV more. Some of those soaps that have been going on endlessly take on an interesting, unmissable turn.
2. Playing any sport, even dumb and boring ones, seems more fun. After all the body needs exercise, and so does the mind.
3. The realisation, "Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise," dawns upon me. Though, I conveniently forget about the early to rise part.
4. The organizer within me becomes hyperactive. I schedule my whole day, with fix hours of studying. But, more importantly, I schedule breaks for tea, coffee, meals, and - last but not the least - refreshing the brain.

With all these changes in me, it is anyone's guess how my exams go.

(Disclaimer :I had intended to write this post as a humorous one, but I later realised that some parts of the post had turned out to be offensive. I strongly believe that like there are no excuses for bad manners (except too much drinking :-) ), there are no excuses for offending people. So, I toned the post down, which I think has taken something away from the post. But, as they say, one can't have his cake and eat it too. Another reason I added this note was that I have exams from tomorrow, so maybe I won't be able to visit all your blogs, but if you leave a comment, I will try my best to reply to it on here, as well as on your blog! Thank you for reading this, and have a great week ahead.)


SandyCarlson said...

I think exams are tough going. Preparing for them is a nightmare. Right now I am editing a dissertation that the writer must defend next Friday. I am working like a dog and feeling his anxiety but enjoying the work. Makes me realize so much of that anxiety is unfounded. Something we learn young and never forget.

CyberCelt said...

I would think you would do anything well, Neo. Do not be too hard on yourself and I am sure I would have enjoyed the full post.

Scheduling is not a bad thing. When i was in school, I worked and had a child, so I had to leave enough time to study, do research and write papers.

The best to you with your exams.

Rohit Sharma said...

All the traits you mentioned are with all of the participants of the exams so do not take any burden on your head and give your best shot.

All the very best for you exams..

PERBS said...

I think I would not have been offended by the first draft of your post either. It is good to express oneself without worrying if someone will be offended by topic or words used.

I hope your exams went well for you and that you continue, with God's help, to be satisfied with results.

The thing I like about your list is that you left time/scheduled time for rest and relaxation. The rest won't go well, unless you schedule some of tht in too. Even God rested ont he 7th day . . . and he saw tht it was good. Ü

Drop by and see a bit of spring.

Blue Panther said...

Sandy: Exams are tough going indeed, but as you rightly said much of the anxiety is unfounded! I am sure your friend's dissertation will go well.

CyberCelt: Thank you for your thoughts and good wishes!

Rohit: Thank you for your wishes!

Paulie: I know it is good to express oneself without worrying about others, but, sometimes, I just can't help worrying about others. I would never leave out the time for rest and relaxation from my schedule!

Anwin said...

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