April 17, 2009

Where on Earth is Blue Panther

If you have visited this blog in recent times, you might have asked yourself the question : "Where on Earth is Blue Panther?"

Well, before I go on to explain my absence, I would first like to apologise for disappearing like this. I just checked, and my last post was almost 12 days ago. That is a lot of time, even for someone like me.

But, you know how things happen - planned ones, and then some un-planned ones.

What happened this time was a friend's marriage. A very good friend's marriage. I had been looking forward to attend the marriage for the past couple of months. So, there was no way I could have missed it. Though it was a reminder that I am almost the last one of my friends who is still unmarried. But, that is off topic...

Then, another group of friends planned a rafting and a camping trip, and invited me to join . It was an offer that was too good to refuse.

However, I was hoping that in the middle of all this, somehow I would be able to find time to write something on the blog. But, could I have been more wrong?

The worst (or the best) part is that it is still not over. I have a cousin's marriage to attend today and tomorrow. So, I am going to be ignoring the blog for another couple of days.

But, I promise, I will make up to my dear blog soon. I am thinking that putting up some pictures of all the things I did could be a good way to do that. What do you think?

1 comment:

PERBS said...

Well . . . I was wondering what happened to Blue Panther. . . Ü It looks like you have been enjoying yourself and god on you! Where are the photos of these experiences? That's what I was hoping for as I read along. Glad you had time to enjoy these things. . .

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