May 17, 2009

BYBS : Time Flies or What?

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They say that time flies. Indeed it does.

I can very well remember the time when I was young. I believed that anything and everything was possible. Ghosts, fairies, miracles, angels, Santa Claus, anything.

Didn't we all believe at some point of time in our lives?

Then I began to grow up and realised that everything was not possible. Yet, the level of belief was still high. I still believed that most things in the world were possible. Then I grew up some more, and the full extent of the things that were possible - and that were not - dawned upon me.

Last week marked another mile stone in my life. I turned twenty-nine.

When I was young - about 12 or 13 - 29 seemed like an really old age, but now that I have reached that age myself, 29 doesn't seem that old at all. Age, I guess, is just a number after all.

Birthdays, however, are important days in our lives. Not only do they remind us of passing time, they also help us in breaking our lives down into manageable time periods, where we can set targets for ourselves, achieve them, and move on.

But it does not always happen that we are able to achieve all the targets that we set for ourselves. We might have a tendency to keep on doing what we had set out to do, even after we have failed at doing it a few times. Birthdays remind us that we do not have all the time in the world, that we need to rethink, and re-focus, and re-figure our goals.

So, this year, I have made a few changes to my goals and targets too. Let's hope that I am able to achieve them.

What do birthdays mean to you?


PERBS said...

Well, you are even younger than my children. . . Ü

I rememebr when I was quite young, I thought 24 was very old and I wanted to die before I got there. Believe me, I had changed my mind about "old" when I got to my 24th birthday -- I prayed for a whole year to keep on living because I no longer wanted to die when I was 24.

Now, I have had many experiences in life and if I died soon, I would feel ok about it. I have lived 31 years longer than my twin sister. . .

I just want to finish getting my house in order first tho. . . Ü I also want to live more years only if I am not on many drugs/machines to keep me alive/take away pain -- that is not what I call living.

To me, I have to thank my parents as I celebrate each new birthday -- the life they gave me was a gift I treasure.

SandyCarlson said...

Happy birthday! Wishing you a happy, wonderful year.

Birthdays--they mean completion to me.

Sue said...

Happy birthday! And best wishes for your goals :)

Marlene Affeld said...

Celebrate and be thankkful - life is good and should be appreciated. Enjoy and have a great year ahead.

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