October 5, 2005

What two kids tried to teach me?

Life always tries to teach you something. Every moment is a moment to learn something. Something that can help you do better at your chosen line of work or something that can help you live your life better.this blog is about two kids --one about 14 and the other about 12 years of age.
Not surprisingly I met both of them at work. Lets talk about No. 1 first. Lets call him Tom for want of a better universal name. On a busy work day Tom came in to our hall - he was selling some kind of bags or something. He was looking tired but he had a smile on his face annd we all know how smiles brighten up a face, specially a childs. Irritated as we were, we couldnt say no to him coming in and displaying his wares which consisted mostly of bags. We all liked Tom very much, but no one was willing to buy anything and honestly speaking the stuff was mostly cral though cheap. I decided to buy a bag fro 75 bucks. I could have got it cheaper but I bargaining and doing that with a child didnt seem fair to me. So he left me and went into the other room where i could hear people baragining with him. I didnt like that but this is a free world and everyone is free to do what he chooses. I almost forget about the child but fifteen minutes later, he comes back into my room and says:
" The man in the other room wants the bag for 50 bucks... Can I give it to hm for that?"
It took me a couple of minutes to realise that he was telling me this because he thought it was unfair to me on his part that he took a higher price from me for the same thing. I am not sure this will feel the same to the reader as it did to me but I can say that if you act fair you not only make yourself happy but the people you deal with.

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Anonymous said...

Thats a nice bit of story

wheres the second kids story?

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