October 18, 2005

On ..........

I have been for about 10 years now....The first time, I remember it was my Dad's 555 that someone had gifted him( Dad doesnt smoke, so it was lying there for many days and every time I looked at it, it seemed inviting ). The packet was sealed and I dared not touch it. But one fine day Dad's friend came by and the packet was opened. Now the lure was too much. Many times before I actually lighted it, I held it between my fingers and looked at myself in the mirror...The boy in the mirror wasnt a boy at all, but a man.

The day finally arrived. I was alone at home. The packet was there. I took a ciggarete out and my eyes fell on the match box. Now there was no turning back. Soon I was breathing smoke. One look in the mirror and i was hooked to it. I called my friend and tell me what I had done. He in his turn told me about his little adventure with the white stick. So we decided to do it together.

The next hurdle was buying one from the paanwala. I was just 15 then, and 15 in those times used to be young and to add to that I was no daredevil. I still am not . But when you set your mind on to something, you more often than not achieve it. So one beautiful evening I bought three Classic Menthols and headed for my friends home. As luck would have it his parents were home and he couldnt come with me to enjoy the bliss of lighting up a ciggarete and taking a deep breath. I started towards home. Now it so happened that on my way home there was a lonely stretch of road and I didnt like the idea of throwing away what it had taken all my courage to buy. So I got off the road and got behind some trees and lit up the three ciggies one after another in quick succesion. I dont know if this was supposed to happen or was it me. But I felt nauseous and was hardly able to move. Somehow I dragged my feet to a shop where i could get something to drink. I think it was a coke. I felt better, so I went for one more. All my nausea came back to me strongly and I had to throw up right there and then..............

More cigg stories to come and trust me there are a lot......:)

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