October 24, 2005

I Quit the white Stick

My last Blog was about how I took up ciggarettes and I had decided to share the various incidents that I lived or witnessed in my tenure as a smoke..er. But things change and now I have decided to call it a day and quit. I am sure most of you out there will be having a smile on your face as you read this. Specially a couple of people that I have been talking to and who like me want to get rid of this habit.
Why should one quit? Well thats a question that has too many answers...The question is why smoke? I bet all of us who light up must have thought of this question at some point of time or the other with no satisfactory answer. But we come up with a " What the helllll?...lets just light up" and I must admit watching Sanjay Dutt or Antonio Banderas lighting up the white stick on screen is something that makes me want to do it most of all.
I think I have tried to quit more than once before and every time I started again but this time its got to be it...and thats why I am going public with my announcement so that maybe that might be the motivation that I need to quit. One of my friends wants to quit too and he has told me the day I can tell him that I have quit He is going to start thinking about it too. So thats an added motivation. I think if I go 15 days without it then it might be safely said that I am well on my way to save me some bucks and some precious life minutes.....and it might make me ambitious enough to make bigger plans like..ummmmm quitting the bottle....:)

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