October 27, 2005

Just rambling.......

Whats it about words that fascinates us...at least some of us? I guess a lot of things.

The most surprising thing is how easy it is to relate to a story written almost two centuries back, when life as we know it did not even exist. If a character from that time was to inhabit our time it wouldnt take long to drive him insane. Similarly if someone from our times was to go back two centuries, he wouldnt survive long. Hey there wouldnt be no cell phones or even phones, no cars, no e mail, not even telegrams. We would actually have to walk from place to place. But when you read about a story set in those times it seems romantic to the extreme- something that we wish we went through.

Secondly, words help us to express our innermost feelings, more so the written word. Trying writing a few lines and soon you will find that you cant help it - the words look like you. And the more you write the more you pour yourself into your words. An interesting observation by a famous writer was: The better a artist, the boring a person hs is because he writes or paints himself into his work and a painter or a writer who could be better is an interesting person because he hasnt put himself into his work yet. But I totally agree with whoever said that.

To be cont...........Ramblings interrupted.... I see a known face in the crowd.

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