November 8, 2005

Live One Must....

This one is about Life. Why one must not die? is inevitable- its going to get you sooner or later. But why help by handing your life to it on a silver platter. I am talking about . Most of us at some or the other point in our lives wish we were rather than in the soup that we find ourselves in. Most of us forget about that wish as soon as the moment is gone. But some are not able to get rid of that thought and end up .

The most recent example that I can think of, is one of my brother's classmate. He was a third year medical student and flunked his exams and decided to end his life. It was not a on the spur kind of decsion as he had left lots of notes behind him. One of the lines that my brother read and told me was : " Life is beautiful, but not for me. I am a waste." . Its good that he realised that life was beautiful because it is and it is there for the taking. If you think you can have it you will. If you think you cant you will not.

The strongest argument against , according to me, is that you dont know where you are headed. Life might be a misery here but sooner or later this misery is going to end. But where you might end up can be a misery that lasts for eternity and eternity is a big time compared with 60 years on this earth. Someone has rightly said :" Look at the long term loss before you look at the short term gain." Dont ask me who said that for I have no clue but someone must have said that. I am not that original.

To be cont..The same beautiful face in the crowd......

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