November 17, 2005

About me....

Blogging they tell me is like a journal where you write what your life looks like or it may be used as a space to just express yourself. I have used it till now as a space to just express somethings..not much but still. So I thought this blog is going to be about me and things I like and dont like and I am even going to try and give reasons for that.
One of my favourite books is "The Idiot" by Fyodor Dostovesky. Whoever read it will know why I like it. It is hardly possible to read it and not be affected by it. It is about this simple guy ( Obviously the Idiot referred to in the title of the novel) and how his life progresses. He suffers from a disease that makes him simple at heart and he goes to get some treatment in Switzerland where he spends most of his life. He comes back cured to a great extent and gets involved in the social Russian life which I must say is quite similar to today's Indian life. He is hardly able to make his peace with the people and by the end he is a mad man once again.
The Second Book I think, that affected me a lot is "The Lord of The Rings". Many brush it aside as a childish novel, which in some ways it is. "The Hobbit" a prequel to the big book was in fact inspired by a story thatr J R R Tolkein told his grandson. Yet the character of Gandalf and Strider in the book are motivating. The fight between the good and the bad is always going on inside a person and outside in the society. We have to win the battle inside us to win the one outside us.
Lets see about the movies. Theres a long list, which is to say that I love watching movies and if I have to name one its not possible. Different movies have affected me in a different way. Rocky- the series, Rambo, Terminator, Desperado, Godfather Trilogy, Sleepless in Seattle, Kate and Leopold, Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Shrek I and II.....and the list goes on. The latest nice movie I saw was Van Helsing but I guess I liked it more because of Hugh Jackman than the way the movie was made. Though from the rushes it seemed to be a great fare yet it was just good for a one time see.
On TV F.R.I.E.N.D.S wins hands down. Though seriously competing for the top spot is Vyomkesh Bakshi, an Indian take on Sherlock Holmes (My favourite fictional character). Those who remember it will know why it was such a loveable series.
Thats enough of me for now............One more thing - the only movie that I have fallen asleep while watching is Kati Patang.:)

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