December 1, 2005

Just about life...My life to be exact...

It is December. It is that time of the year when like it or not, one is forced to think about the past and the future. We all have complaints from our past. I for one, have yet, to find a man who told me that he was perfectly happy with how things have been with him or her for that matter.

Time flies by, and one thing about it that I have observed is that as we grow up it leaves us behind at a faster rate. Time is really a matter of perception. It is something that we know least about and that affects us very strongly. Allof us have at some time or the other waited for something- a result, a girl, a train, something. Time it seems just stops. You have to look at your watch again and again to make sure it is working. Then again sometimes when you are doing something like actually being on a dream date, studying for an exam or something on those lines it just leaves you standing there.

Someone who was going through my blog told me I was random. I couldnt agree with that person more. All that thought about time made me remember about H.G. Well's "The Time Machine". It is a good book really. The person goes to the future and sees that all is not well with it. What would WE do if we were actually able to go back in time and change something or everything. What if we were able to go to the future and see what we are tomorrow or many years from tomorrow? And coming back could we change that? The answers to all the questions are more in the realm of metaphysics than Science or Phiolosophy. So I am going to drop that right now.

Reality they tell me is also an perception, and perception is a matter of experience. As simple a thing as hunger cannot be perceived or understood by someone who has never gone without food for a single meal. To that person it is impossible to comprehend what hunger is. For someone who has gone without a meal or fasted hunger is something else. But now even he cannot understand the hunger of someone who has had nothing to eat for three days. So whats my point here? I guess I will leave that to the reader's perceptive mind. I am hoping I have some readers.


Doc said...

Hey BluePanther,
You do have some readers bud:) Nice to know that you stumbled onto my blog:) So you were at Sulls too? I would remember if you were a femme;)))) But going by the look of your blog you seem to be homme:)))) Sorry bud if I didnt remember you:)

Anyways good that you are rambling and keep doing so, whats life without them;))))

'Everything' is a perception. It depends on the individual as to how he 'perceives'. Again one man's meat is another man's poison. It is the perception of different individuals that make up the world we inhabit. Wouldnt it be a boring place if we all perceived the same thing?

Anyways I have linked you on to my blog and do keep in touch:)

Anonymous said...

you seem to have forgotten a person of your experiences. I think you need to check your email

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