December 9, 2005

On Life!!!!!!!

Scene: A market place, people going here and there. Two young men walking from oppsite sides see each other and stop. A look of surprise on the face of both men.

Rahul: Hi..Long time where have you been?
Vishal: Oh hello..I am fine hows life ?
Rahul: Life sucks as usual...
Vishal: Kinda same here...

This is not the beginning of a play but a situation that I have seen played over and over again with me and with others. Why does life suck for most of us? I mean it really doesnt but most of us perceive it to be like that.

I read somewhere that if all the people were able to bring theire sorrows out and keep them in a heap, each one of us would be happy to take back what belonged to him and be content with it. So I guess one of the reason we are unsatisfied is that we are so occupied with things that we think we deserve. And why do we think we deserve that - the simple answer is because x, y or z has it. What we dont see is that a, b or c doesnt even have what we have. Now thats not saying that one should be contend with what one has because theres always going to be someone who is more miserable than one. It is to say that identify your needs and your capabilities and want according to that.

Then there is the fact that we are hardwired to feel sad. I dont know if thats true but I strongly believe that it is true. A human being is made to worry. Thats why we have so many rules, thats why we can think. If we could not think life would have been so much easier. We are all advised to live in the moment but thats hardly possible for a thinking mind.

Then there is this strange thing which I am sure you must have all felt. The grass is always greener on the other side. Once you own the patch the grass seems greener where you were standing before.Something you dont have you want so bad - when you have it, its charm is over. So did that thing mean anything to you in the first place? I guess its most important to find out about the things that mean anything to you.

Ego? one of the greatest source of misery. You cant live without one and if you have one your life is hell. We all have one and it needs to be managed but thats easier said than done. Mahatma Gandhi once said that one should be as humble as the dust beneath one's feet but I guess he found it hard to digest that some peole threw him off a train. Well according to me he was a man with a really really big ego.

One of the men who I really admire is Winston Churchill because he didnt mince any words or quote them with sugar. He said what he believed even if people didnt like it. One of my favourithe things that he said is: " HISTORY WILL BE KIND TO ME BECAUSE I INTEND TO WRITE IT".
He did write it and yes it was kind to him.

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