December 24, 2005

On Blogging!!

Its been some days I wrote anything on here - not that I have been particularly busy or anything. Its just the blues of another year passing by and recognising the fact that whatever you did in the last year, once again, fell just short of expectations.

I was browsing through some of the blogs on blog- spot and it is truly a varied mix of subjects. There were a lot of people out there wanting to vent out their feelings and spill out their guts and the result of some of the efforts is astounding. A lot of talent is going waste in this modern world for sure. I thought of compiling a list of the Blogs of interest but seriously the effort was way too much for a lazy guy like me. I guess anyone who is intersted will do the work himself and wont be disappointed for the time he/she puts in.

A lot of Blogs are trying to do what we all should be doing in real life. Finding out what's wrong in our society and giving solutions and finding means to solve the problems. Inequality is a reality that we should accept instead of fighting it. There will always be strong and there will always be weak, there will always be a majority and a minority, there will always be the wrong and there will always be the right. What's important is for the strong to recognise their strength and help the weak instead of feeding on the weak and getting stronger.

A lot of disasters have recently rocked the world. Some natural like the tsunami and the hurricanes and some man made like the - UK bombings. But these are times that make heroes out of ordinary men and women. In this regard the indian edition of Reader's Digest carries a good piece on the tsunami victims almost one year after it happened. And hopefully the New Year 2006 brings prosperity to the entire world.

Anyways I will say good byes to all for now and yea a very Merry Christmas to all who find their way here.

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Lauren said...

Agreed. Hopefully 2006 will be more prosperous. Thanks for stopping by!

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