January 10, 2006

Some things to Remember!

Every day we have hosts of new experiences. Though its true, as we grow up the novelty of new things ceases to have an appeal for us. As a Child even a piece of rock with various edges is a treasure to explore. But as we grow up ,we,somewhere lose this sense of curiosity and start accepting things as they present themselves to us. Maybe its the Education system or maybe its just the way things are supposed to be.
But it is always good if a person just stops, once in a while, in his tracks and looks back at this life, and makes sure that he didnt miss a side road, a road that was supposed to lead him to his destination. Once he loses such a track he can never find it again , however hard he might try. This maybe because someone else found that road and covered it behind him.
How many such tracks I have missed, I dont know. There must be some. If you ask me, a lot but one likes to believe that he is on the right track, so I wont say that I missed a lot. I am on some track and hopefully this is the track I am supposed to be on. But there are a few what-might-have-beens in my life. But this Blog is definitely not about them. Its about the things I noticed on the track that I have kept the journey of my life on.
Its about those friends that somewher got lost because they chose to walk down a different path. Not just friends, but people who you thought were potential friend material but you, just, never got a chance to be on that level with them. Or about those places you passed through and they made you want to stop but you could not because some place else was calling you.
The First person in this list is a guy called Suresh. I am not sure, if he even remebers me. I wouldnt have cared of what happened to him, had he not done something that I cant forget even today. At the point of time when teh episode occured, it wasnt a big thing because, being young, I could not appreciate waht the gesture meant.
Because I had been out of town for some days, on the day before the exam he gave his notes copy to me. Why? Beacuse I used to get better marks and he wanted me to keep that up even at the risk of failing himself.
Its something I can never forget, more so, because when I think about it I am not sure if I would have done the same for him or anyone else. Again I ask myself- Is it better to fail an exam or be a nice person? Havent we become very short sighted and can't look beyond the short term gain notwithstanding the long term loss we might have to incur.

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