January 24, 2006

The most important thing in life!!!!!

I have a friend. He knows about this blog but I am sure he never visited this page. He has been having some problems in his life lately. Though he has a never-say-die spirit, that is not helping him. One day he came to me and asked me what according to me was the most important thing in life?
I really dont remember what I said to him at that point of time, but the question started a thought process.
It can be said without a shadow of a doubt that luck is the most important thing in anyones life. But its not something that we can control so we should neither blame it nor praise it. It is something that has been here, will be here forever. Its a classical human error to blame failures on bad luck and take credit for the successes.
So with Luck out of the picture, whats the next thing. There were different things that jumped in front of the eye of my mind competing for the second position but somehow nothing seemed to fit. After some time, I think, I found out what the most important thing is -Its DISCIPLINE. If you are disciplined in the small things that you do, the larger things take care of themselves. If the little things start falling out of place soon the bigger things begin to move out of perspective till they are out of reach.
I have often said on my Blog that I am not a big fan of the Mahatma i.e. Gandhi ji yet the thing about him that I admire is that he was as ordinary a person as can be and still he managed to hold his own among the greatest leaders of his time. And agree or not, the leaders of today dont hold water when compared to the leaders of that time(But thats another issue for another time). What made Mahatma click? Just discipline. In his life he realised the importance of discipline early on, and reaped the rewards. One has to find out for himself what he needs to do, and after finding that he has to make sure that he goes through with what he has decided. That, according to me, is the simplest and most effective definition of discipline.


PD said...

its true..

Vikram Sachdeva said...

The first important thing that jumped into ur thoughts, i.e. luck, holds no importance to be at the first place. How can an imaginative thing be the most important thing in one's life when you dont know what exactly it is. You urself has penned down that we curse our bad luck for our failures and take the credit for the good things that has happened to us. So, that means luck has no identity of its own. A Human Being can mould it according to what suits his requirement. So, it doesnt fit in the top slot. According to me the most important thing in life is Satisfaction. It has so many flavours. For example, it can be satisfaction at the work place, it can be satisfaction in ur personal life, it can be satisfaction in anything. You can be disciplined and satisfied together, but thats not true in every case. I'll quote ur example abt Mahatma Gandhi here. I agree that he was disciplined but how satisfied he was? Probably this says it all. But this depends on person to person, what he/she thinks is most important thing to him/her. It can be Money, it can be "Chicken" :-), it can be parents, it can be anything, but for me, at the end of the day, when you do a self analysis, and somehow you are not satisfied with your efforts, it tells on ur mind. And the next day you wud definitely want to toil hard and satisfy urself.......so the mantra of life for me is SATISFACTION.

-Vikram Sachdeva

Bluepanther said...

Vikram Satisfaction is something that we all crave for and we need it in our lives...but its not something that we can do..Its there or it is not...But Discipline is something that you can develop in your life and if yu live a disciplined enough life, satisfaction will not elude you.

Vikram Sachdeva said...

True. But u asked for the most important thing, not for the most important thing u can do......but I agree with u.

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