February 2, 2006

Random Thoughts on a Sunny Afternoon

Why do we have rules? This is a very pertinent question specially because more often than not we ,who make these rules, are trying to look for ways to break them. Anyone who can, does break the rules.

Yesterday, I read a quote and it stuck to me, and I guess it is going to stay there somewhere between the grey and white matter in my brain for some time to come.I dont remember the exact words but it went something like :

" Of all the sad words ever spoken or written the saddest are ' It Might Have been' "

I guess all of us, at some point in time, have uttered these words and looked back with longing and wished something that didnt happen had happened.

Its so easy to overlook whats right there in front of your eyes. Maybe, the reason for it is that we have a blind spot right in front of our eyes and the blindspot is not fixed and not totally involuntary. We can, if we want, shift it and just avoid looking at things that we dont want to see.


Vikram Sachdeva said...

Hi Neele Tendue,

I think the topic u have chosen for this BLOG is perfect. Otherwise, u have left no stone unturned to disappoint so many ppl, including me who read ur blogs regularly. But never mind, I think what u write alvez depict the state of mind u r in. And no points for guessing what state of mind u were in while writing this BLOG.

Anonymous said...

hi blue panther,
i think u write really well,d way u form ur lines shows n depicts ur creativiity in the true sense it also as u must have heard shows ur inner thoughts n views on various topics.keep up the good work pro! and keep writing for readers like us ! would love to keep reading ur stories !

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