February 13, 2006

Rambling On Valentines Day.....

This is that time of the year when “ love is in the air” and like it or not we are affected by it at some level or the other. So, though this post is not going to be about the day itself (i.e.14th February) but it will not remain unaffected by it either.

My first reminder of the day came from my brother when I called him a couple of days ago. The conversation went something like:

Brother:” Hey”

Me: “ Hey, so when are you coming home”

Brother:” ….15th…”

Me: “ But don’t your vacations start from 12th??”
I was surprised because he is one of the guys to come home one day before the holidays start.

Brother: ”Yes!!! …but Bhaiya…It’s the Valentines Day”

I didn’t know what to say so I just hung up after the usual small talk. It was only later that I found that he had been proposed to by a girl and he asked me for advice as to what he should do.

My inner voice (Yes I have one!!) asked me why do we need a day for everything? Soon we will run out of days to name as most of the days in a year have already a tag attached to them. I feel, the reason to name a day after something is for people to remember about that something or take notice of it, which otherwise they would forget about or just not pay enough attention to e.g. AIDS day, Women’s day, Girl child’s day etc. Love is something that, in some form or another, is always there surrounding us , so do we really need a special day for that?

More so in India where this day has begun to be used to spread hatred and create chaos by some fanatical organizations. This brings us to another important issue which is Religion. A Religion, I have always believed, is a way of living. Something that is supposed to make our life easier by taking certain decisions for us, which otherwise would require a lot of time and attention on our part. It’s sad that Religions all over the world work on fear. The fear of going to hell, or not going to heaven if we do this or don’t do that. And if we were all capable of taking the right decision every time we would not require areligion or for that matter the judicial system. I think I am really rambling now but this is what this blog is all about.
Before I end it, I would like to Quote:
“ Adversity makes heroes of ordinary men”

But the true hero is one who brings out the best in himself even under ordinary circumstances.


Anonymous said...

hi, as i read thru i recollected what my father told me today i told him dad its valenite's day today ,he was like why do u need a special day for it ,tomorrow u might start off with a happy day, a sad day,a not so great day ,he was like love can be expressed on anyday ,i think ur article states n roams on his line of thoughts itself,i think its well written and justfies the logic behind these aspects ,i would on the other hand love to celebrate such a day with my loved one to be honest but yes celebrations apart till date i too like u dont understand the meaning behind why everything suddenly becomes so special on just one particualar day, i mean cant we express our love on some normal day?????? u write well ,keep writing such stuff and let us enjoy ur articles.....

Vikram said...

Hi Anonymous,

I must acknowledge that u too write very well and I read all ur comments. Now coming on to the topic of Valentine's Day. U take the example of a life in a METRO, where both husband and wife are working. Sometimes, they even go to sleep without seeing each other's face because either the husband is coming late or the wife is late. So, I think when u have a dedicated day, where you can express to ur beloved that yes you still mean a lot to me.....and can celebrate it as well, y not do it. I appreciate that the next day might be even better for them or may b worst, but y to loose the opportunity when the love is all around u, where ever u go. But that doesnt mean u cant or should not express ur love on any other day. Even small small things done on each day can tell how much u love ur soulmate. I m missing my would be beloved now..... :-)
Still to meet her, so leave me alone in her memories.......
@:- @:- @:-

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