March 11, 2006

In a recent discussion, with a group of friends, I remarked, “ Rome, my dear, wasn’t built in one day.”

“ But it was started one day”, a friend was quick to point out.

I thought yes, he was right. Everything big has a small start. But, the reality is this- more often than not, when we start a thing it is more than enough to make a beginning, let alone accurately foretell what that thing is going to be at the end of the day.

My history is very weak; all I know about Rome, is that The Romans ruled it and they had lots of Gods and Goddesses. But I am sure Rome started out as a small cluster of a few houses. In these houses lived few determined men who made their small houses as nice as possible and clean and safe. The future Rome, thus, must have started out as a small village and as it grew, it became bigger and better, but the original men and women were never able to see the end result of what they started.

Titanic, was supposed to be a ship that would never sink. When the makers of Titanic set out to make the ship they started out big, but the ship had to meet its watery grave on its maiden voyage. Actually, the very concept of the ship was wrong. When you make a ship you don’t expect it to sink. So what is special about a ship that would never sink? Every ship is supposed to be that way. Isn’t it?

The above two examples tell us one very important thing about life. It’s always good to have grand plans and a vision but when it comes to actions the only advisable thing to do is start small. Be a master of what you are, and then move on. When you have a bigger plan its easy to get distracted. Easy to feel that if I keep doing this I might not get time to do that. But we forget that there is no way we can jump over obstacles or ignore the little things. We have to finish this and finish it well before we can begin with that. One little thing ignored today can be our nemesis tomorrow.

Moral: Don’t let your Titanic sink but build a Rome.


Sunil Parmar said...

Hi sir.
Well i agree with u that v must b careful about small things. but what i disagree about is that in case of Titanic the vision of its creator was to create a unsinkable ship but it got sunk, but that's the only reason why Titanic is rememberd till date. if the vision of its creator would have been to just create a another one would have remembered it.Coz even before and after Titanic, ships do sink.

Sunil Parmar said...
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