March 19, 2006

Where he talks.......

...and talks about just anything. Beware that this is going to be a long blog comprising of a story, morals and ideas. )

Transformation of a society is a complex process, and brought about by individuals that dare to swim against the flow. The society at the same time exerts a considerable influence on how an individual shapes up. Most people fall in with the norms of what is right and what is wrong because that is the easiest thing to do. To challenge the basic tenets of a society, we need individuals that can point flaws in the existing system and then set out to set the flaws right, whatever it might cost them. If Jesus had conformed to the jewish system of traditions and beliefs, there would have been no christianity today. Similarly, if Buddha had stayed a traditional Rajput that he was born, we would have never heard of Buddhism.

So it is absolutely essential that every society continuously breeds a set of people who constantly challenge the way things are done. Any society that does not provide for such individuals will surely and slowly disappear into the annals of history.

Quixotic is a word that fascinated me from the first time I set my eyes on it. One of the very few words that made me dive for a dictionary. Not , because I know the meanings of most words but I simply dont care about new words. I just try to mak t he best use of the words that have somehow managed to acumulate in my arsenal. But quixotic was a word that I had to know the meaning of. And when I found out that it is a word that means foolishly brave and is based upon a character in Miguel De Cervantes novel " Don Quixote", I had an irrestible urge to read that book and reading that book was a great experience. I think we all have a Don Quixote in us. The part that daydreams. But as Don quixote had his squire Sancho Panca, we have a squire inside us and unlike the fictional Sancho Panca, the one inside us always has the uppper hand and we stay sensible. But sometimes we should let the Don Quixote inside us take over.

Anyone who has seen a magic show, knows that every know and then the magician turns aside and brings forward a pot from which he pours all the water out and replaces the pot. After some time he repeats the process. The water is usually called " Water of India" or " Water of China" perhaps because magic has been associated with eastern and oriental countries. This, as i think most people know. is to distract the people while the magician and his assistants prepare for the next trick. This is also the reason for the asistants being beautiful, so that at critical moments the magician can divert the attention of the audience. Our brain is also a magician and in life, I strongly believe, we have our "water of India" , something that we turn to when we are in trouble. Something that makes us believe that our troubles are non existent, though they are right here. But for the time being we have been distracted.

This blog was originally going to be about the fact that I really had nothing to write about, but that would not have done and writing about writer's block would have been a lame attempt at creating a post. This is just a proof of the fact that when we set rules for ourselves, the things that used to come naturally starte to evade us , because we become more focused on the rules and forget the reason why we made the rules in the first place. The rule I am talking about here is the rule of writing something here every Sunday not before nor later. And come sunday I feel looking inside me and find that theres nothing in me. Perhaps the Brain decides to take the sunday off too.

(Here he least for now...)

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Amit Pundir said...

That was a great thought behind the Blog i may forget to read your blogspot but you have to write it every Sunday
God knows you may inspire someone for that continues serious i would like to say if any sunday you get trouble of getting any topic i would like to have your view on the movie "Rang de Basanti"

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